Another One Down

So with much sadness I will report the loss of another PF blogger.  Thicken My Wallet has put up his final post after being at this for five years (actually this happened at the end of April, but I’m behind on my reading). You will be missed. Bloody hell, I’m starting to feel old here as the over five year club for canadian personal finace bloggers is getting smaller. 

With all due respect I know the feelings that lead to people shutting things down and moving on.  It has occured to me several times over the last few years myself.  Life is busy and continues to change at a rapid base and some days I really don’t feel like writing a damn thing.  I’ve even entertained the idea of selling this blog once in while.  Yet somehow I find my passion again and keep going even during the low points.

To my readers: thank you for every comment, question, and feedback you provide.  You guys are the reason I keep coming back around.

5 thoughts on “Another One Down”

  1. Simply put, giving of yourself, with no obvious reward, is hard!!!

    To all this readers, give some input, this keeps bloggers going. Otherwise ,we feel, we type in vain!

    PS. I enjoy your blog!


  2. I have just recently discovered this blog as I am now seriously interested in retiring sooner rather than later. I am well past the Freedom 45 point but still have hope for Freedom 55.
    There is lots of good advice on this blog and I love that it’s Canadian.
    You are helping me to stay motivated and to really believe that retirement will be soon within my grasp.
    Keep writing!

  3. Thank you for doing what you do. It has been of tremendous help and motivation that early financial freedom is truly possible. I am on track for leaving the working grind by 46 (2 years) and having more flexible time. Keep up the great work!

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