Two Birds, One Stone

This is a guest post by Dave, who is also looking to retire no later than 45, but unlike Tim has no kids and doesn’t want any. Dave is from Ontario and is working towards his CGA certification.

As of this post, I’m 144 days away from taking part in the Tough Mudder run at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, north of Toronto.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of this before, it is an 18 km run up and down a ski hill with about 30 obstacles thrown in (because 18 km of running is not nearly enough).  Not only did I sign up to take part in this, I actually shelled out $135 to do it with 8 friends.

The problem, with doing a race like this is that I need to be in pretty good shape to do it – from videos I’ve seen online it really isn’t something you just show up and do.  So, I have started training – mainly lifting heavy things and trying to move around as much as I can.  At the end of the week though, I (as well as most people) usually run out of time to do the things I want to do to get in shape for this event.

So, to make more time and to force myself into some needed exercise, I am parking my car for the summer.  How my commute works now is my wife and I carpool together, I drop her off on the way to my office.  Her work is about 2 km from our house and mine is somewhere between 6 and 7.5 (depending on the route I take).

For the summer, I figure that the added 75 km per week distance that I travel with my legs, instead of my car won’t really hurt me – and if I do it at a high enough intensity it might actually help me come August 18th at about mile 17 (which looking at the course seems to be about the point in the race where I may get electrocuted by 10,000 volts), while at the same time saving me a bit of money.

Contrary to my wife’s opinion, I am generally not a penny pinching money-hoarder.  I choose not to spend money on things that aren’t important to me, and spend on things that I get enjoyment out of.  The total savings of not driving will amount to about $150 over the summer.  To commute to work, I will need to get up an extra half-hour or 45 minutes earlier (depending on whether I’m riding my bicycle or running) which, if it weren’t for the physical benefit might not be worth it.

So, I’m saving a little money (enough to pay for my ticket into the race, but not a whole lot more) and will hopefully be in moderately better shape by August (on top of the other training I’ll be doing).  Other than the rainy, cold days it seems like a win-win to me.

How do you get to work?  Have you ever thought about changing it?

3 thoughts on “Two Birds, One Stone”

  1. Due to my construction job, I need to have my truck with all my tools…

    As much as I complain about my job, one of the good things about it is that it takes care of my fitness level. I wore a pedometer at work a few times, and I was averaging about 20,000 steps per shift… add to this shovelling, sweeping, lifting heavy pieces of lumbers etc…

    Won’t have to pay for a gym membership while I’m in this line of work.

    On an encouraging note, sat down this weekend to track my progress towards ER… like Tim, 42 is looking quite doable, rather than 45. A bit of a bull market would likely cinch it.

  2. For the past 3 years I’ve lived about 1 km from work, and either bike or walk every day. I never really added it up until the other day… but that amounts to 500km/year. Add to that the fact that I don’t own a car (none sitting in the driveway wasting $20/day), and rent one when needed, that means I also walk to the bank, the grocery store, etc., much more than most folks I know. I wonder how many thousand I really put on.

  3. Small world! I’m running the Tough Mudder as well (and the warrior dash!).

    I also eat Paleo! HA

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