Off to CPFC12 This Fall To Talk Business

Well in case you weren’t on the early bird list, the CPFC12 conference (Sept 21 to 23, 2012) for personal finance bloggers opened up registration recently.  They blew threw the early bird tickets at a brisk clip and as of the last time I looked there are only 7 regular tickets left.  I was one of the lucky ones to get an early bird ticket at half off.  So I’m off to Toronto this fall to talk with a great group of people about blogging and money.

Yet what really struck me as odd was this post over at Blonde on a Budget where she talks about saving up for the conference.  Why? Because literally the thought that went through my head when I was reading the post was “But why would you do that? Can’t your business cover the expense?”  At which point I realized just how far my blog has gone from hobby to business.

While these aren’t any final figures, so far my rough pre-tax calculations were my business in 2011  I had total sales of approximately $7200 last year with a profit of about $4200.  Yet that included all revenue from this blog, freelance writing and book sales (so yes, obviously I’m not getting rich writing).  Yet what struck me as surreal about those numbers was that fact that was my third job and I wasn’t putting in that much time into the business compared to my day job or school board trustee job.

Of course this got me thinking that if I can pull off that amount as my third job, just imagine what I could do with a little bit more time to work on things.  So my initial idea of pulling down $5000/year in semi-retirement situation seems damn reasonable all of a sudden.  Or alternatively if I add up 4% of my current investment net worth (to simulate a sustainable withdrawal rate), my wife’s business profit and my business profit we end up with a figure of approximately $20,000/year.  That is within striking distance of our post-mortgage expenses of $24,000/year.

While I don’t want to semi-retire with that little saved, it does provide a nice sleep at night factor to realize that once the mortgage is paid off later this year that I could lose both other jobs and still be fine looking for a new day job for years.  I suppose that is the point of either having your own business and/or planning for early retirement.  You become independent of having a day job at all.

So do you have a small business?  If so, how much time do you put into it and how do you do for sales? If not, would you consider one in your retirement years?

3 thoughts on “Off to CPFC12 This Fall To Talk Business”

  1. Tim,

    I look forward to meeting you at CPFC2012.

    I really enjoy blogging and online networking. In saying that I enjoy my day-job and the flexibility to have an online website. I devote about 10-15 hours per week on the business but part of running the website is the enjoyment (I would not run the website if I did not enjoy running the blog). I run the blog as a business but it has the enjoyment of a hobby.


  2. I use numbers, and specificity. However, there is always uncertainty. Uncertainty about how much you can save, the return of your savings, the market, your health. Many variables.
    You have to roll with these, and continuously, reevaluate & readjust.
    It is part of it.
    “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. The big picture is what is important. But, you always must have the big picture in mind…

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