Some Minor Name Changes

Well folks since Sheryl’s (aka: Gwen) appearance on CBC – The National last week she has decided to start writing under her own name when her next post goes up next week.  As such I’ve modified several posts, comments and other cross links on the blog to reflect this change.  While I do have admin user status on this blog and a search function I still might of missed something, so if you do notice a reference to Gwen anywhere (but her intro text to her posts) please let me know.

Along that line, as of today I’m shifting out of my old pen name of ‘Canadian Dream’ over to just ‘Tim Stobbs’ on the blog.  Since this truly is a group blog I don’t need to have a pen name with the blog title in it.  In some regards, ‘Canadian Dream’ was the younger version of me when I used to write every post on this blog.  In this case, I will not be doing a systematic switching all reference like I did with Sheryl’s name.  I’ve got far too many posts, guest post on other blogs, comments (like in the thousands in total) which would all need to changed over the last five years.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause in the short term, but I think it should make things easier in the long run.

Have a good weekend,


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