Canadian Dream: Coming to Your TV

So by quirk of fate or just luck…take your pick.  I had a media request from CBC – The National a few weeks ago.  Then they asked for Robert’s and Gwen’s contact information (by the way, Gwen is a pen name).  Then the interviewed all three of us all on camera about our views on early retirement.  That piece is supposed to air on Feb 17.   So if you curious what exactly we all look and sound like in real life and you want to learn the secret of Gwen’s real name, tune in.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Dream: Coming to Your TV”

  1. That is so cool. I don’t think that early retirement is a topic covered in the “mainstream” enough. Hopefully this will educate more people to use their money wisely and realize that they do not need to work their lives away

  2. Thanks everyone. I had it confirmed it is going to happen on Feb 17 and will be about 8 minutes around the half way mark on the show. Enjoy.


  3. Thanks for the youtube link as I watched the National (early edition, maybe that is why?) and it was not on.
    You all did a great job…..congrats

  4. Excellent…Now if only the reporter wouldn’t have seemed to be holding back his laughter…The majority will never get not having a job(just over broke)Good report and now we all have faces to put to names.

  5. Very cool. Pretty much affirms that my wife and I are on the right track. A bit surprised Robert thinks that 700k is enough to sustain him and his family – then again I recall him mentioning he might go work overseas?… and for whatever reason I always pictured Robert as being Asian. 🙂

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