Big Decision For 2012

A large part of my financial success over the last three years has been the fact I’ve been working more than one job.  When you have multiple streams of income coming into a household saving more just gets easier as those incomes keep going up.  After all my basic spending hasn’t increased all that much despite the fact I’ve been earning more.

Yet 2012 marks a big decision point for me going forward.  Do I try and run again for re-election this fall as a school board trustee or let the term close out and focus more on writing?  After much internal debate over the holiday season and planning I’ve made a big decision.

First off, I should provide some context for this.  Let me first say, being a politician at any level is likely one of the hardest jobs there is.  If you do your job right, things work well and you likely don’t get one ounce of credit.  Then other times you do the right thing in your mind and you might even come out looking like a villain in the media. Regardless of that, you also get to miss a lot of time with my family attending meetings. Not to mention you never had all the facts and frankly you often aren’t a expert in that area at all when you make a decision.  In a nut shell, there are significantly easier ways for me to earn money with a lot less stress.  In fact I can fill out one form at my day job and get an instant 10% raise for less time than I put into my board work.  So the following decision isn’t about the money.

Yet despite the public abuse at times, I feel like I did get some things done over my last 2.5 years on the board like finally get a focus on student achievement and I still have things I would like to finish.  As such I will step up and try to run for a second term this fall during the next election.  Even if this means a four year term this time, I will to serve if the public will have me.

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