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Well the seven link meme has been running around the blog-o-sphere for a while and I got tagged by Jacq from Single Mom Rich Mom, somehow she assumed I’m running out of stuff to say after doing this for almost five years and 1200 posts later (yes there will be a contest and prizes in early Nov).  Ironically I have a back list of posts I need to write…I still have too much material, but I blame that on my fellow writers here on Canada Dream (yep, I’m looking Robert, Dave and Sheryl). Keep up the great work of keeping me inspired!

  1. Most beautiful post – By far I would have to say this post was my best where I told the story of how I dealt with my son being born 10 weeks early.
  2. Most popular post – I have to say I don’t have the slightest clue how to rank posts as I don’t keep that close of an eye on the stats for each one.  Yet I think Dave’s post about wanting to live in a tiny house was great.
  3. Most controversial. This is sort of hard to measure, but the one that stands out for me was the post when I talked about charity and how I don’t ever give money to any group that feeds people.
  4. Most helpful post . I would have to say that should go to Robert’s post on TFSA Misconceptions…heck I even learned something from it.
  5. Post whose success surprised me . Ugh, how do you really know that anyways?  I guess that one that did got a lot of attention was when I realized I no longer needed my day job.
  6. Post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved. I have always had a soft spot for this post, where I talk about how to start with personal finance and it doesn’t involve money.
  7. Post I’m most proud of. It was a minor thing, but when I started to blog under my own name for the first time I felt really good about the decision.  Not to mention that paid off nicely when I got the offer to write for Moneyville which requires you to use your real name.

Who else should do this link post….hell I’m not going to research who has been missed so far on this one.  So consider this an open invitation for anyone else to post their seven links.

4 thoughts on “Seven Post Links”

  1. Yowza, you ARE prolific! Thanks for the peek into your archives, I think I’ve only been reading since circa 2009.

    Yikes on the charity one. You got the “unsubscribe” threat more than once! Definitely see your point though.

    That line of Dave’s wife about living in a shed was classic. I still laugh about it. We’ve even driven through the parking lot at Home Depot picking out our ideal sheds to live in. 🙂

  2. Hey’ I’ll take your open nomination. Thanks Tim! I read your controversial post … I’ll say it is a controversial position! Don’t feed people and you limit the population. Probably, and so does a pit full of venomous snakes 🙂

    I know you serve the public as an elected official .. has that changed your views at all 4 years later?

  3. Jacq,

    Prolific or obsessed? Now that is the question. 😉


    Four years later, I’ve changed somewhat, but not much. I totally accept that in some areas that feeding the kids does dramatically assist them in their learning. So on one hand, I can see some application for doing it that supports our primary mandate of educating kids. On the other hand I still don’t personally donate to the food bank. Yet I also don’t donate to thousands of other charities. So in that regards that statement isn’t that meaningful as we always have more causes than dollars. Everyone picks based on what they care about the most.


  4. So how does all this “occupy” stuff sway you? I find that the masses just don’t get it. Like the 99% who complain that the top 1% don’t pay enough taxes. Read somewhere that the top 1% pay around 40% of all taxes, and that this is more than the bottom 95%.

    I think that in many cases it is a choice, or rather consequences of bad choices, to be poor or homeless. Yes, I know that the choices might have been made by parents or peers or whatever and that many are victims of circumstance, but in the end there is a way out besides simple endless charity (wealth redistribution).

    Anyway, I like to give to things like disaster funds or medical research charities. I have trouble believing that simple donations will help the homeless or poor especially in my city of Calgary where you can get a job as long as you know how to show up for it (which many people somehow can’t — do they deserve charity?)

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