The War on Stuff – Battle #1 DVDs

It’s been two weeks now since I’ve declared my war on stuff and as if this wasn’t enough of a challenge by itself.   I’ve also got sucked into a different challenge to also cut down my weight during the same time frame which largely involves cleaning up some bad eating habits that I’ve picked up recently.

Somewhat ironically I’m finding the stuff challenge easier to handle than remembering not to eat a snack in the evening (damn you chips with your salty crispy goodness).  Don’t worry I’m not going to become a monk anytime soon and give up any of my remaining vices.  I love the rest of them too much to do that. 😉

Perhaps the biggest change I’ve noticed about the stuff challenge is it is forcing me to think prior to buying just about anything.  I have to review the challenge in my head quickly to determine is this stuff (can’t buy it), an experience or a consumable (can buy it).  While the pause isn’t huge that habit is very useful to help screen your purchases and cut back on impulse buying.

The other very noticeable change that hit me early on in the stuff challenge was the fact how used to looking at fliers I was.  I used to look at them once a week and always the electronic ones…and I wondered why I usually want to buy some kind of electronic stuff?!? *sigh* Anyways, I’ve stopped looking for the most part as unless I need something consumable there is basically no point wasting time looking at fliers.  So somewhat unexpectedly that has given me a little bit more time each week which I’ve been using to start the second part of my challenge: getting rid of stuff I already own, but don’t really use.

First up was my DVD collection which I didn’t bother to count but a rough estimate would be 200 DVDs.  The total purge pile ended up being 31 DVDs (which includes five TV series, which I counted as one each even if they had 4 to 7 discs).  Yet rather than toss completely useable stuff I decided to put in a little effort and sell the pile.  While I only been selling them for three days I’ve already sold nine DVDs and four of the TV series for a total profit of $38.  I believe my success so far has been pricing them cheap enough to get rid of them quickly ($2 each, expect the TV series which were $5).

So overall I’m rather happy with my progress on my war on stuff as I’ve even managed to start a first purge on my book collection.  I’ll write more about that next time.

8 thoughts on “The War on Stuff – Battle #1 DVDs”

  1. I was just thinking about this. If you have a decent amount of space on your computer, you could always just rip your DVDs, then sell them. That way you have the best of both worlds… Not sure of the legality though…

  2. Getting rid of the DVDs is a good step. We pretty much sold a lot of them years ago and still have a few kicking around that we never watch. With Netflix, the odd rental, and all the free online content – there is no real need to collect DVDs unless it is your all time favourite that you plan to watch over and over and over again.

  3. Question, how would you characterize golf balls?

    -They are probably stuff
    -But they are used for an experience
    -and unless you are a really good golfer, they are also a consumable as they will eventually be lost in the woods, water, over the highway, etc…


  4. I trust you’ve been keeping your DVDs in a big disc-changer?

    We’ve got two 300-disc changers filled, so I consider your collection smallish. For us, it’s defense against subscribing to cable…

  5. Well..don’t have any DVD’s but what i do have is ….Christmas know, decorations, trees, way too many odds and sods. WE go away every Christmas now and have not put up a tree for very many years. I have boxes piled high in the spare room closet with tons of “stuff”. Problem is —I made a lot of it, some things are treasured memories..but should I care if i never even see it?
    Maybe it’s just time to go through it all and just keep what I feel is important…but do i really want to do that? Guess I just really need to do it, like you and your DVDs

  6. @Jason,

    That could work if I really wanted to keep them for some reason, but I just want them gone. I’m not likely to watch them again and if I really want to I sure I can find a copy to borrow.


    Ah, good question. The answer would depend on how many you have and how many you lose in a season. If you have a huge bucket of balls and only lose two a year, they would be stuff. If you have 10 balls and you lose five a year I would consider it a consumable.


    Not in a changer. I just have that many in cases around the house. Hence the need for purging, they were taking up too much room.


    Ah, emotional stuff is a little more tricky (sort of like my book collection). I would purge, and keep a small box of the ones your value the most. The rest should have a picture taken if you want and then toss/give it away. That way you can still look at some things with out it taking up space in your house.


  7. I did this last year with my music CD’s. At one time (remember Columbia House and BMG?) I was hooked on buying music. Even after my divorce (he went through our music library and kept what he wanted, and I took the rest) I still had over 200 CD’s, some still with the wrappers on, mostly bought for one or two songs. I went through the entire collection, ripped the songs I wanted to keep and sold the discs at a yard sale. I kept my favorites (about 30 discs). It was nice to have the shelf space back, until the boyfriend moved in with HIS DVD collection…

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