Cleaning up my mess, all at once

I have been procrastinating on getting some things done around the house that have sat since I moved in two and a half years ago.  This past Saturday, I finally got around to doing these various projects.   There were three things that I hadn’t done – finish laying a 6’ x 4’ area of laminate flooring; finish painting a hard-to reach area on a stairway; and finally trim about a 1/2 inch from the bottom of a door.  In total, these projects, which sat for so long,  took a total of three and a half hours to complete and around $30 in total cost (I bought an extendable pole for $15 to paint the high wall as well as a $15 saw for the door).

I’m not sure why these things took so long to get around to, my house looks much better now, I have an appreciative wife, and it feels good to get this stuff done.

From a personal finance perspective, there have been times in the past that I have delayed in doing something that would take very little time to achieve, and would provide significant economic gains or peace of mind.  One item that comes to mind was life insurance.  Ideally, I should have had some form of insurance for my family just to deal with funeral costs and settlement of my accounts.  It wasn’t until I had to have insurance to buy a house that I bought insurance from my brother-in-law.

One item that I have put off and need to take care of is a Will.  I think I have put this off because if my wife survives me, everything will be left to her anyways and if we’re both dead we really don’t care who gets our stuff.  I think we would have been a little more pro-active in this task if we had children or dependents, but that is not the case.  However, similar to my home-improvement projects, getting a Will would take at most an hour-long visit with a lawyer, and a relatively low amount of money (or around $75 to buy a legal will kit online that comes with a living will and power of attorney form).

I think that most people have a small list of things that fall into the cheap-and-easy-to-complete-but-just-haven’t-got-around-to-it category.  I am envious of people who can focus on a singular task to completion, and not let anything get in their way, that is not me at all – I have a fairly short attention span and am constantly jumping around between tasks, which leads to a significant list of tasks that are 75% complete, or never get started, such as creating a Will.

Do you have any tasks that you have been avoiding?  If not, how do you do stay on task?(I would like to know!)

2 thoughts on “Cleaning up my mess, all at once”

  1. Earlier this summer I decided to renovate our basement.

    It wasn’t something I was procrastinating over, but I did take the necessary time budgeting for the move because it required a chunk of change.

    With my garage however, that’s another story. I have been procrastinating work that has been needed to the roof.

    Over the weeks, we got the tail end of the hurricane and low and behold, I have a leak in one area. It could have been fixed while the basement was being worked on, but my carpenter had work to do elsewhere.

    Nice post.

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