Wander Reading – Aug 19, 2011

I feel almost embarrassed by how much time has passed since my last link post.  I read some great content at times and then forgot to share it with you.  Oh well, I will have to try and remember to do this a bit more frequently.

An excellent post about should you go directly to post secondary after high school or do the travel/work route for a while first?  My favorite quote: “It’s important for students to be at school for the right reasons and not because someone is telling them t.” (Walletpop.ca)

The Next Stage of Retirement begins: Kindergarten.  It’s worth reading for the title alone right? (Mr. Money Mustache)

Why Freedom 55 may be really Freedom 70.  While the author has points he seems to lumping everyone into the issues with defined benefit pension plans despite the fact most pe0ple don’t have them. (Toronto Star)

Marketing for people that don’t like marketing (including me). See here. (Zen Habits)

An over looked method of dealing with debt: get a second job. How else do you think I’m paying down my mortgage this fast? (Finance Fox)

Preet lands a new writing gig on investor education…first up: management fees.

For those who don’t use a discount broker here is a step by step guide to selling a stock or ETF. (Money Smarts)

What are you working or saving towards? Damn good question that everyone needs to answer. (Fabulously Broke in the City)

A neat trick to use Google spreadsheets to create a watch list (or even track your portfolio if you are spread out over a number accounts). (Million Dollar Journey)

An interesting post on exploring discipline…perhaps my only issue with this is it doesn’t discuss how habits relate to discipline.  After all it is easy to be disciplined when it is a habit. (Canadian Fiance Blog)