The Meetup Results

To the management of Bowness Park: I’m sorry for taking over your park facility with 300 people and turning it into a media circus…just kidding.

Actually our first meetup was a lot of fun.  Robert and his family came along with our regular commenter Alex and his family and of course my family.  So while the event was small we did have a lot of fun doing a wiener roast and playing with the kids and of course getting a chance to talk a bit more in person.  Overall it went so well that we decided we should do this at least annually since I am typically near the Calgary area just about every summer to visit family anyway.

What perhaps stuck me the most about meeting everyone was the fact we all are fairly damn normal people.  Not to say I expect any of us to be weird or anything, but rather given our focus on financial independence on this blog we actually didn’t spend that much time talking about money at all.  It was really just like hanging out with some friends and their families for the afternoon.  Perhaps my only regret on the day was I made dinner plans so I had to leave about 5pm when I could have easily spent more time with everyone.

A huge thank you for Robert who picked out the park and the supplies for the event.  I also appreciate him managing to get a great spot in the park without a reservation which of course saved us some money… come on the guy is financially independent at 34, what did you expect? *grin*