First Canadian Dream Meetup

I’m excited about meeting others in the Canadian Dream community. I look forward to meeting Tim and his family, since I’ve gotten a glimpse into their lives through reading this blog. And I know that, despite the earn & spend lifestyle of the majority, there are people out there who save as much as possible and plan to retire young, just like us. Knowing that we’re not the only ones to plan our lifestyle this way makes it seem a little less crazy.

Date and Time. On Saturday July 23, 2011, we’ll meet at 2:30. We can’t reserve a space, but there’s lots of room and I’ll arrive early to stake out a firepit. We’ll bring hotdogs, marshmallows, watermelon, chips and pop. If you like to eat anything else (roasted over a fire, or not), feel free to bring it. We are able to stay as long as we wish.

Location. We’ll be at Bowness Park in Calgary, AB. The address is 8900 48 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 2B2. You can see it on Google Maps. Enter from 48th Ave NW and there is parking within the park. It may be tight, but if there are spots available, it would be ideal to turn left, then right and left again to drive west along the north side of the park and park in the lot or along the street. We plan to be at the third picnic area, where there is a firepit, picnic tables and a shelter. The weather looks like it may be cool with possible showers, but we’ll meet rain or shine.

Activities. Some of us will be happy to just chat about earning, spending, saving and investing money, but spouses or children may want to do other things. There’s a grassy field for soccer or frisbee (or anything else), a large playground, a tiny spray park and a pathway along the Bow River.

And best of all, Tim will have his book, Free at 45, for sale. If you would like a signed copy, this is the perfect opportunity.

We’d love to get an idea of how many people to expect, so please either leave a comment or use the contact form to send Tim an email. We look forward to spending some time together with people who understand the importance of quality of life.

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