Wander Reading #39

With respect to the Canada Post strike I mentioned on twitter that if the 3 day a week delivery became permanent I won’t care.  Which while true, I would like to point out one huge problem that would have occurred should the strike continue for too long…it would have likely killed off a lot of book sales.  I did a check on shipping my books via other methods and the prices were all worth more than the book itself.  So from a small publisher point of view Canada Post is still a damn useful company to have around.

Now onto the links:

Speaking of the books, Krystal over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks did a nice review on my book, Free at 45.  You can also win a copy if you are interested.

So what is a father worth?  Depending on the measure…a LOT! (Globe and Mail)

Another Father’s Day one…Should you celebrate Father’s Day at all? We plan to just hang out together and grab a breakfast out. (Walletpop.ca)

Should you decide to skip doing anything for Father’s Day feel free to play around with this retirement calculator and dream of early retirement instead.

Great minds think alike…JD Roth answers a question on paying back your mortgage or investing and comes up with nearly the same answer as I did. (Get Rich Slowly)

A good article on the state of Defined Benefit pensions in Canada and why that is the heart of the Air Canada strike. (Moneyville.ca)