Wander Reading #38

Note: Due to technical reasons this post didn’t get published last week.  Sorry for the delay.

So after having a bit of tablet obsession for a bit, I finally managed to get some time in at a store playing around with a few models and determined that I really don’t want one.  Why?  If you type with anything more than two fingers the things suck for writing as you can ‘type’ six keys at once.  So back to the drawing board to find something that meets my needs of being a lighter weight option for getting some writing work done on the go.

First up: attention all bloggers…do you want to write for Moneyville?  Well they are holding a new contest to find their next blogger.  You can win a contract worth $4000 or second place prize at $500.  Also their editor, Adam, is great to work with.  I’ve done about seven article with him and he really helped me shift from my usual writing style to a more condensed format.  [Oh, I’m not getting compensated for this plug…I really do like working with him.]

Why your clutter may be costing you $175 a square foot? (Globe and Mail)

Squawkfox puts Costco savings to the test vs Superstore…the results are interesting.

An interesting discussion on the moral aspects of spending (Get Rich Slowly)

I really enjoyed this one about breaking free from consumerist chains (Zen Habits)

I loved the data in this post on personal inflation…don’t believe the CPI is your inflation rate. (Boomer & Echo)

I’m impressed with this one…why I won’t buy an ebook reader. You may not actually like every piece of technology out there. It takes something to understand that. (Give Me Back My Five Bucks)

5 thoughts on “Wander Reading #38”

  1. Thanks for the mention Tim! I agree, the CPI can’t be trusted as a measure for your own personal inflation rate. Best to do the calculation yourself and see where the increases are in your life.

    That’s interesting about the tablet, I was thinking of getting a Playbook and since I do type with two fingers it might be perfect for me 😉

  2. Three words to reinvigorate your tablet lust: Apple Wireless Keyboard. I have one for my iPad and it makes typing longer items much faster, very similar to what you would get with a laptop, but with far more battery life – I use my iPad last week at a conference and was typing non-stop from 7:30am until 4pm, and still had 30% battery power left, without plugging in at all!

  3. I am honestly surprised how much I love my Kindle… if you are a voracious reader while on vacation, it cannot be beat. I downloaded new titles via 3G connection while sitting poolside in Mexico this past November. Amazing product.

    Still love my paper books as well…

  4. @George,

    Nope…that didn’t help my tablet lust. I just can’t see the point of getting a wireless keyboard for a tablet when I can buy a new netbook for like $250.

  5. @CD Fair enough, but I’ve had a netbook, a laptop, and an iPad. For 95% of what I need a computing device for, the iPad+keyboard option is by far my preferred choice. Smaller, lighter, longer battery life, and instant-on. 3G network access anywhere too!

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