Wander Reading #36

So after some considerable thought I’m considering getting a tablet…yes I know I’ve mocked the iPad for a while on this blog.  Yet now that there is starting to be some competition in the market and the addition of cameras I’ve readjusting my initial impression of the devices as it might solve one particular issue I’ve had for a while now.  I don’t own anything that allows me to easily work on Word files just about anywhere.  Yes I do have a laptop, but the thing is heavy so I dislike taking it along except to places where I know I will need it and my iPod Touch is good for a quick email, but sucks for writing a chapter in a book.  Yet with the market changes so fast right now I think I’m going to sit on the sidelines for a while and wait for the prices to drop, so this item is going on a six month wait list.  At that point I’ll look again at the market and decide if this ‘want’ is just tech lust or something I could actually use.

Now onto this week’s links:

Jim Yih has a good post reminding people you don’t pay half your salary to tax.

I love this post from Thicken My Wallet when he asks is it time to end tax deduction and tax credits…mmm I would love a one page tax form.

Can money buy anything…include a wife?!? One guy is trying it out for $10,000.  See here.

Excuses…oh yes we are good at those.  Here is five excuse for holding you back from wealth.

I have to admire Krystal’s goal this year of earning an additional $25,000 from her freelancing work.  Here is her progress so far.

Over at Moneyville.ca, the question is asked: can you live with just 100 things?  It’s an inspiring read.  It’s got me thinking about some of my recent work to get rid of my excess stuff.

An interesting post on the conflict of building wealth for yourself and helping others from Bripblap.

7 thoughts on “Wander Reading #36”

  1. Re: iPad / tablets.

    Hi there,

    Having owned the first iPad and now an 11″ Macbook Air I have to say I’d never buy an iPad again. They are great.. don’t get me wrong, but I can get SO much more done on the 11″ Macbook Air and it really isn’t that much better. The keyboard is great- iPad typing isn’t. The screen is amazing, and when closed and in your bag it really is about the same as an Ipad. I’d really have a play with both and see how you feel.

    The iPad is a bit of a toy.
    The macbook Air is a full laptop.


  2. Thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it!
    And congrats on the new book. I’ll never forger the launch of my first book back in 1999. It’s exciting times!

  3. One of the biggest Apple-heads you will meet and I just got an iPad 2 on Friday during launch day after owning the iPad 1, also purchased on launch day.

    a) The price will not go down, EVER! Apple people know that the price will never go down, but the specs will be improved, generally every year. Right now is the best time to buy (if you can get your hands on a unit)

    b) Like the guy above I also have Macbook air, but I find the iPad way more functional at tons of things.
    – Sitting on the couch watching TV and reading/writing = iPad
    – Lying in bed catching up on email and days news = iPad
    – Reading the newspaper in the morning with breakfast = iPad
    – etc…

  4. Simon,

    Mmm, things to consider. I will have to go bug some people I know and test drive their tablets for typing and see what I like/dislike about it. Thanks for the idea.


    Actually I didn’t make it clear, but I’m considering an Android tablet NOT and iPad, so yes the prices will be coming down as every rolls out their version. By how much and when will be interesting to follow, but that is partly why I’m putting a six month wait before I buy anything.


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