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Free at 45 - Cover

Finally after two years, the book is done!  Free at 45: How to Retire Early and Happy won’t be officially released until next week, but I thought I owed all of you as a reader of this blog first shot at getting a copy.

You have a few options on how you want to do that:

  • You can preorder a paper copy which I will then ship out as soon as I get the first batch of books (which is already on the way).
  • Or you can download the ebook version of this book in just a few minutes.

Regardless on what you choose go to this page to make you decision or to check out a free preview of the book.

Now onto the most popular questions I’ve had so far regarding the book:

What’s the book about?

The book is basically an extension of everything I have learned in the last four years doing research and interviewing retirees on planning and living an early retirement.  In short, it shows a person what exactly is involved in planning an early retirement and how it doesn’t have to take anywhere near a million dollars to do it.  Also it deals with making sure you are happy while you do all of this.

So why would anyone want to buy the book when they can just read your blog for free?

The book is inspired by the blog, but it isn’t the blog.  A blog has the limitation of if you write too long of a post you will lose your audience.  So while there is a lot of overlap of concepts between both, the book is a much more in depth look at most of the concepts discussed on the blog and a few additional areas that I’ve never been able to cover on the blog due to length.  The book also is much more organized and will save someone looking through over the 1000+ posts on the blog.

So is that you on the cover?

*Laugh* No! Sorry that is not my butt, while I was in Hawaii recently I didn’t bother taking a suit to get that photo.  It’s just one of a list of images my designer/editor sent me when we were figuring out what the cover should look like.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments and I will try to answer.

11 thoughts on “Free at 45”

  1. Congratulations ! Hope you wont take it bad, but I prefer to invest the 18,95 on the stocks market ! 😉

  2. I’ve read a little bit of the free preview, and this looks like a must buy for me (Kindle version).

  3. Thanks everyone! It’s been a long time coming, but it is nice to finally be here.

    @Chad – busy? Oh yes, I think my wife is more excited about the book being done than I am…she gets to spend more time with her husband now.

    @JeanMichel – Or another method is to invest that money, but request that your local library gets a copy. Best of both worlds.

    @jon_snow – Good to hear. Actually this should be an interesting experiment in regards to what sells better: paper or ebooks.


  4. Congratulations on getting the book finished! It’s on my Kindle now and I flew through about 70% of it yesterday. So far it’s a great summary of early retirement and “happiness planning” from a Canadian perspective.

    Here’s hoping it’s a great success, and thanks for making an ebook copy available right away!

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