Wander Reading #35

Well yesterday was St. Patrick’s day which of course required the ritual of drinking a Guinness, but I sometimes feel I should use the word ‘eat’ a Guinness since the beer is so filling you could almost use a few as a meal replacement.  So needless to say I enjoyed myself even if I decided to just stay home and relax while watching the last disc of season 1.5 of Caprica.

Now onto the links:

So with the risk of flooding around my city I found reading this article, What Your Home Insurance May Not Cover, from Thicken My Wallet a nice reminder for me to review my policy.

Ok, even if you don’t have a small business, if you have kids you might appreciate this article: How to Increase Sales for Your Small Business by Potty Training Your Child.

The Financial Blogger talks about: Are You a Burnout? (I already tweeted this early in the week).

JD Roth talks about How to Spend Your Money…it is always a nice change to talk about spending instead of savings once in while.

An interesting piece over at the Globe and Mail related to my post from yesterday.

Here is a good two part series on Estate Sales and getting someone else to do the work.  Interesting business idea.

Then to end your weekend reading I will point out I’m having a big announcement on Monday (which shouldn’t surprise long time readers, but have fun guessing in the comments if you like).