Wander Reading #34

If anyone has any doubts about why I am trying to retire early, might I present a micro story.  Our youngest is now ready for a ‘big boy bed’ (aka twin size), so we have put some money aside over the last few months, but only recently started looking.  My wife and I were easily disgusted with the high prices ($1000+ for a suite) and crap you would find in most stores.  So I did a little search in the used market to find something that will work for us: a loft bed for our oldest.  That way we swap beds for the kids.  The bed frame in question costs $300 in the store and I’m picking it up today for half that, but it was only used for a total of four weeks by the owner’s grandchild. Just because I can easily afford $1000+ doesn’t mean I think it is always a good deal.

Onto the links:

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Apparently she is just happy eating pizza at home…and sending half her pre-retirement income. (Retirement: A Full Time Job)

An investing strategy that I never heard of until this post: barbell investing. (Thicken My Wallet)

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  1. Congrats on finding the deal on the bed. If you end up having another baby there are these cool convertable beds at Costco for less than $500 that start as a crib, then turn into a day bed, and then into a double bed. We are planning in getting one of these when we start a family.

    Finding deals in the used listings always seems to work out. Last year when we were looking for a new dining room table we were able to find a used one for $300 ( a solid wood 10 person table). We bought some chairs at Canadian tire to match which cost another $350. The whole set only cost us $650. This is a steal compared to the suites we saw in the stores that were minimum $2500.

  2. Some great sites listed above, thanks.

    Question to whoever has an answer:
    How do I go about getting my wife to start reading this blog or some of the articles above?

    She is already great at budgeting but isn’t as motivated or excited by the thought of early retirement as I am. I think if I could get her reading some of these blog posts it would give us something more to talk about as well. Thanks.

  3. I was looking around for beds as well and had the same problem, so I think I’m going to build my own (http://www.instructables.com/id/2-x-8-Bed/)- I wouldn’t classify myself as all that handy but I think I can take care of simple projects like this, especially to save a few hundred dollars.

    @ Ross – My wife was interested in early retirement after she thought about having to work until she was 65, which was not desirable to her at all. I don’t think my wife has ever read any blog post, other than the ones that I write about for this site but she is well aware of my favourite writers online and the ideas that they have because I will talk incessantly about them for days at a time.

  4. @Ross,

    Damn good question. I’m debating about writing a post about that very problem since it seems to come up a fair bit.

    Thanks for the idea,

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