The Book Update

So it’s been a while since I gave you all an update on the book project, Free at 45.  So here is where I’m at now:  as of this afternoon I will be paying my editor her final installment and picking up the files to upload to the printer.  After I get the files I will be doing a last review on the book to ensure I don’t have any last minute edits.

Then I order a review copy of the book from the printer and ensure everything there is all right.  Meanwhile I will get to work on the ebook version of the book.  I technically have ‘prototype epub’ file at the moment, but it might be not be compatible with the ebook distributor I want to use.  So that might be another weekend of hard work redoing the formatting to make it all work. Then after that I’ve got to start to work on the executing the marketing plan.

So all in all, things are moving along nicely and I hopeful I will meet my publication date of Feb 28, 2011.  I’m also hoping to offer all of you, my readers, a special promotional offer on the book later this month.  So stay tuned and I will release details later this month.

Have a great weekend,


2 thoughts on “The Book Update”

  1. Congratulations Tim! Very exciting times for you. I’ll never forget the excitement of publishing my first book. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact me.
    Good luck!

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