Book Review: Crush It!

So can you really make money at what you really love to do instead of your current job?  Well for Gary Vaynerchuk who wrote Crush It!: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion, the answer was: YES!  So with some personal branding  and social media work Gary managed to take his dad’s liquor store from a $4 million dollar business to a $50 million dollar business in eight years.

Impressive, but how does that help you?  Well in this short book, a mere 134 pages, Gary outlines how to utilize your natural talent and passion in order to grow just about any business or even a blog.  So regardless of what you are doing selling an actual product or just blogging about what you love he provides a clear cut method to get the most of your social media networks.  Including a few tips that I found myself taking notes on since while I like social media I suck at using it (just look at my twitter feed if you don’t believe me).

While some of the advice in the book might strike anyone who has been around the internet as obvious, for example, that social media has dwarfed some other traditional media methods to reach people.  He is still honest about running a business is a lot of work.  My favorite quote in the book is:

Many are probably just sick of the killer hours and inflexible schedules and demanding bosses often found in the corporate world and think entrepreneurship will somehow be less taxing.  I hate to disappoint, but if you’re looking for an easier time here, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

So should you read the book?  Well to be honest it really isn’t for everyone, especially if your business has little to no internet exposure. Yet if you do have a Twitter and Facebook account it might be worth reading to get a few ideas on how to use both of them more effectively.

PS: I want to thank Frank Wiginton for bringing this book to my attention a while back with one of his comments.

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  1. Thanks for credit Tim! I am glad you enjoyed it. I think almost anyone who has a passion but doesn’t really know how to turn it into a business could benefit from this book. As you say it is a quick read with tons of great pointers to help you get going!

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