Cook Until Crispy

I’m currently so tired that I’m nearly counting the drips until the coffee maker is done.  Yet this situation is largely self inflicted, it is the product of several late nights in a row as I had a very long school board meeting last night and another long night on Monday working on the book.  My brain feels cooked until just about crispy since even the day job has had few working a little harder than usual trying to get stuff finished this week.

Yet despite the crispy feeling I’m still mostly happy…pardon?!?  At first I suspected that could be purely the result of working too hard and too little sleep, but after a little coffee as I write this I’m beginning to suspect otherwise.  You’ve heard the phrase “tired, but happy” well that is more what I’m feeling.  Yet normally that would have been said in regards to my kids after a walk in the park with them on the sled.  This is a little different.

I suspect the feeling is more derived from actually liking the majority of the work I’ve been doing in some fashion or form.  For example, while editing the book isn’t so much fun, I did like working on cover design and the back copy.  Or the fact my last board meeting did have some unpleasant parts, but we did get to see presentations on the new schools being built (here is the one ‘walk through video‘ and here is a link to a look around of the second school).  So even when busy I’m enjoying the majority of the work and feel like I’m getting something done.

Perhaps the only difference I see from now to a semi-retired scenario would be the ability to push off some of this work in order to relax a little bit more.  I think I would enjoy just a little bit more self determination, but even then I know you still get into deadlines.  So while some extra flexibility would be nice I still might end up in this situation once in a while.

So how about you?  Have you ever been ‘tired, but happy’ with your work?  Would you consider some ‘work’ in your retirement plans?

One thought on “Cook Until Crispy”

  1. Back in the days when I was working, I would feel “tired but happy” when I left work on an upbeat note. That is, I often did programming work in my last hour or so (if not longer) of the day but I would try not to leave the office with a known programming problem (“bug”) left unsolved. That always bugged me, no pun intended.

    As much as I liked the programming work for most of my years working, I don’t miss it one bit since I retired 2 years ago.

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