The Shift Back to Reality

This weekend will likely be brutal as I try to adjust four time zones and about a 30 C temperature change so now I will taste the not so good part of a winter vacation.  The return back to reality.   I have to admit I did have a lot of fun on this trip as it really was a very good escape from my life.  Yet at the same time I am looking forward to going home.

Why? Well, I find it nice to visit places like Hawaii but at the same time I am starting to miss a few comforts of home.  For example, I dearly miss my own bed right about now.  I awoken just about every morning here with a slightly sore back from the mattress being a little too soft for my taste.  Also I miss my kids, I didn’t really miss them for most of this trip, but now I’m ready to see them again. Strangely enough I also have missed writing every day as I only did the one other post while on vacation so far.

Overall despite the crappy weather where I live in the winter I actually enjoy living in Regina for the most part, so while a break from my life was sort of nice I do want to go home.  I suppose that is why I don’t particularly need to always have escape type vacation from my life as I rather enjoy the majority of how I’m living right now.  Yes there is stress and endless things to do, but the reality is even on vacation you really don’t escape those.  You just delay them for a while.

A warm winter vacation is sort of like a drug.  It gives you a little escape for a while and then reality is still waiting for you when you get back.  So while I enjoyed this trip I don’t think I will fall into doing this every year.  As it just becomes a pointless exercise in avoiding things just for a little while.  I would much rather over the long term save up enough that I can retire early and then perhaps at that point look at taking my trips on the off season for months at a time.  That’s the great thing with early retirement, rather than a week away I can actually think about months away if I want.

So which do you prefer: shorter but nicer vacations now or longer vacations when you retired?  Or do you find the middle ground between the two?

5 thoughts on “The Shift Back to Reality”

  1. I escaped to California a couple months ago, only to return home to freezing temperatures and rain… the adjustment was super hard!

    I’m in the early stages of planning a nice long vacation (so long that you’d almost consider it ‘moving’)

  2. Spent 3 weeks in Mexico a few months ago… followed this blog on my Ipod touch while I lounged around the pool. It was rough going. 😉

    Once I reach the point where my investments can generate about half of my current salary, my Mexican trips will be measured in MONTHS as opposed to WEEKS.

  3. Since I mostly vacation in my own state, I’d prefer to retire early. Spouse likes to occasionally go to other lands, but neither of us have interests in cruises or tropics or sun or snow, so the travel industry is definitely not getting rich off of us.

  4. We try to take a late fall and early spring vacation to make winter feel dramatically shorter.

    We started the habit while we were still working and now that we’re retired we just stay away a little longer.

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