Frugal to Down to My Bones

I’m currently on vacation while I write this post.  It’s basically my own fault that I didn’t actually finish writing all of my posts prior to getting onto a plane.  So I’m writing this from my hotel room in Honolulu, but that works out well since I’ve noticed so far on my trip that I’m under my budget by a lot.  Which is why I am starting to think I’m frugal to my down to my bones.  I just can’t be any other way.

For example, we noticed right away after arriving breakfast around here can be a very expensive event, but you can also get bacon and eggs every morning.  My wife and I both agreed that really isn’t our style since we typically eat lighter meals for breakfast and then eat a nicer supper.  So we found a grocery store and picked up some fruit and yogurt for a couple of breakfasts.  We’d rather save the money on that and not be in a rush to get out of the room in the morning and then put the extra budget amount into supper.  It’s just how we like things.

It also seems to apply to my shopping habits.  My wife so far has a dress, ring, necklace and a few other items to take home perhaps totaling under $90.  In my case I’ve spent $15 and have just two items.  My problem I’ve noticed is I like to look a lot prior to buying and think about what I really would like to take home with me and then find the best deal.  It’s not like I can’t afford the pay the money, I just find it hard to overspend on something I know I can find a better deal on.  So I wait and will likely do more shopping later in our trip once I’ve settled on what I want and what is a decant price.

So even with my being well under budget I still look for a deal on coffee to take home and I’m fine with that.  I’m just accepted I will likely always be frugal down to my bones.  It’s just how I approach life.  So do you find it hard to spend on vacation or do you find ways to enjoy some things on a dime and then just blow the money on other things?

4 thoughts on “Frugal to Down to My Bones”

  1. When BF and I travel, we usually see that a lot of places charge $9.95 or $10 for a breakfast bar.

    When we go to the local grocery and pick up some meat and bread, or just some fruit, the cost is significantly lower than $20 for the two of us, even factoring in that I like to drink tea and him, coffee.

    We also don’t go to many restaurants while we’re traveling, unless it’s a special dish that cannot be found anywhere else, or a treat.

    BF is like you – frugal to the bone. I’m more laid back in my spending especially while on vacation in some exotic country.

  2. For many years I travelled in Europe with an immersion heater and made my own cup-a-soup and instant coffee, saving me a tremendous amount of money. Even in Italy and Paris — foodie heaven. Believe it or not, they do have grocery stores and all kinds of instant foods there, often of far better quality than we have here. FYI, having a fridge and storing food for several days, especially in Italy where people still buy their food on a daily basis, is a relatively recent innovation. For trips nearby, I take (or splurge at a good bakery) bread, cheese and fruit to eat as I go, and use the savings on a restaurant meal every two or three days or it allows me to be able to treat a host/friend without pain.

  3. My husband and I have been traveling this way for years. We constantly go to the grocery store to get foods we can put in our back pack that are healthy and cheap that will last us the next couple days travel. We also look for food gifts at the local grocery stores- you should do this to get the coffee you want. We do bring back a few things for friends and family but only once we have looked around and found exactly what we are looking for and at the price we want to pay.

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