The Book Update

Well if you have been following me on Twitter, you already know I’ve finally finished writing the manuscript for my book.  As of Monday I had it in my editor’s hand (yes, even if you self publish use an editor).   So you might think I would finally get a chance to relax, right? No, I’m now starting the paperwork pile.

Despite any ideas to the contrary the publishing business is just a bureaucratic as any other.  In one particular case I have to fill out a form to get access to an electronic database to fill out more forms.  Funny, eh? On the business end of things all this paper work also means that I’m going to be seeing a lot of money leaving the bank account over the next few weeks as there seems to be fees for just about anything.  For example, do you have any idea how expensive it can be to get the reprint rights for just one data table? Yikes! Yet for a change of pace it is nice to be filling out paper work instead of just banging my head again my manuscript.

I recall reading once a piece of advice on writing that said “Books aren’t completed, they are set free.”  Which nicely summarizes my difficulties with the book.  I keep worrying about what to include and what to exclude as at one point earlier in the process I had about 30 draft chapters which was excessive so I cut back to 20 and merge some of the contents and dropped the rest.  I could have easy kept refining the book for another week or two, but decided it was time to set it free and get the editing done.

Yet despite all of these things I still like this little business of mine.  It’s a pain in the ass some days, but I still manage to find parts of it that I like even on the bad days.

So if you have ever had a small business what did you like best about it and what did you hate the most?  For me I’ve noticed I like the writing, but hate doing the accounting stuff.