There Was No Post Today Because…

It is current 3:30pm (SK time) and I have yet to write a post today.  I would like to think that I will write one, but they way today is going the odds of this is approaching zero.  Thus rather than bore you death with the real reason I didn’t get it done let’s try a little creative writing exercise.

Finish the following sentence below in your comment:

There was no post today because….

I’ll go first… Tim was abducted by aliens had all his financial knowledge stolen and he has spend the rest of his day in happiness since he can no longer recall what why mathematical modeling would be considered fun or why anyone would obsess over retirement.

The best comment chosen by me will be featured on the start of my next link post and be the theme for that post.  Good luck to everyone and please have fun.

5 thoughts on “There Was No Post Today Because…”

  1. There was no post today because… life isn’t just about financial planning. Sometimes you need to take time to smell some roses or shovel some manure.

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