Contest – Part II

Don’t you love pleasant surprises? I had one of those yesterday when I found out I had miscounted my vacation time off for the year and I had two extra days.  So this morning I slept in because I took the day off so I’m starting a four day weekend. Ya!

Well this is Part II of our 1000 post and 4th birthday contest.  In this round you can win one of two prizes:

  1. The RESP Book by Mike Holman.  An excellent read which I will have a review up for next week.
  2. A Kobo Wireless eReader. Valued at $150 and comes loaded with 100 classic books.  It’s basically a library in a box.  The winner will also receive an advanced ebook copy of my book, Free at 45, due out in Feb or March 2011.

To win you can enter several different ways:

  • Leave a comment on this post with a valid email (1 entry – limit one entry per person on this method)
  • Tweet about this contest and include @canadiandream (2 entries – limit one tweet per person on this method)
  • Link to this post from your blog and email a copy of the link to[at] (5 entries – limit one link per blog with this method)

Now the fine print: contest open to residents of North America(for the Kobo, The RESP Book is only for Canadians).  Winners will be selected by a random number generator.  Contest closes on Nov 19, 2010 at midnight EST.

Good luck to everyone!

100 thoughts on “Contest – Part II”

  1. Love your blog! I read every post now since seeing you in the Toronto Star. I would be very interested in reading your book.

  2. I want to win! I want to win!…and have the Canadian Dream-free at 45. Thanks for helping me get there.

  3. Very aggressive growth and you managed to avoid 2008!

    One thing is pretty obvious here, we’re all a part of your revenue stream.

    All through your blog it’s 4.5% this and 4.5% that. Such projected growth and interest rates are completely fictional. Rates have been at less than 1.5% and less for the past 5 years. Your 4.5% doesn’t exist (won’t when you’re 45 either).

    And while your numbers appear to be guesstimates and generalizations, your investments score huge growth.

    And that “retirement” at 45? It’s not really about retirement, you’ll be “writing” a blog. You’ll be “giving back” to your community by getting paid. You’ll be scoring advertising revenue by selling us cost saving “koodo’ cell phone plans, along with anything else mentioned, recommended and or ‘pitched’ in your blog. No doubt you have a book planned.

    So are you truly a money “saving” genius? Or just a money “making” genius who pretends to save, “just like the rest of us”?

    Do you think we can get the Star to pump our blog, and score advertising revenue?

    This blog is all about how you’re making money. While offering us all ways we can “spend our way to savings.”

    This blog is yet another disappointment from main stream media types who pretend to offer ‘value’ by offering the same ‘consumers safe’ values…

    Spend, spend, and spend.

    But do it while saving ;-).

    I don’t see one single solitary new idea here. Just the same old savings ‘vehicles’ but with impressive growth rates that don’t exist.

    And you’re still ‘traveling’. What a saver. You’re no different than the bank commercials that have the yuppie couple spending their way to savings!

  4. Peter,

    Apparently you are misunderstanding my four years by the numbers post. The majority of those gains are from savings, not returns. Granted I did manage a few lucky breaks on my TFSA accounts, but otherwise my returns haven’t been that great but high enough to keep above a 4.5% average real return.

    As for this blog I’m be completely honest. I don’t do it for the paycheque. For the last few years I’ve managed to make at best $300/year which would be less than $1/day. This year will be a bit higher but even with the pay from the Toronto Star articles I’m looking to clear just over $2500 this year. So obviously only an idiot would write a blog expecting to retire from the revenue. Also I plan at best to break even on the book. Given the realities of the publishing industry very few people make enough from writing books to retire.

    As for ‘new ideas’ with personal finance: there are none. The basics have been the same for decades: spend less than you earn, keep your investment fees low, save before you buy something, avoid debt…it’s all been done. I don’t pretend to provide something ‘new’ but rather my point of view on the topic. If you don’t like it, stop reading.


  5. Happy Birthday keep up this project
    Since according to Peter all you do is spend spend spend maybe you should splurge and pay for a haircut instead of cutting your own this month 🙂

  6. As a freelance worker with a young family, I’m constantly interested in other Canadians sound and doable financial strategy’s and how they can work for my situation. Thanks for your blog.
    PS add me into your draw please!

  7. I am living a similar lifestyle to your own. For myself, it is more about preparing for an economic and/or environmental downturn in the future. If my some of the worst case scenarios do not turn out, then I will admit that I was wrong and then enjoy my savings and investments with a comfortable retirement. Thanks for putting your information out into cyberspace in order for others to see what possibilities there are in not following the consumeristic path that most take.


  8. Nice, Tim. If I won the Kobo, I wouldn’t have to ‘fight’ my 7-year-old to get my hands on our eReader!

  9. Yikes, if Peter hates this blog so much why bother to read it and leave a comment on it? Conveniently on this “win a Kobo” post… hrm…

    I like this blog. Here’s to 4 more years of inspiration!
    Please enter me in the draw!

  10. I came across your blog only 4 days ago, and am reading it from the start! I am 28 years old (about where you were when you started out) and have been inspired by your down to earth, practical approach to life, saving, and the goal of EARLY RETIREMENT! Thanks!

  11. Your website reminds me of David Chilton. You’re going to be a big success. Thanks for your time to put up this blog and share your ideas – it’s really generous of you. I twittered this contest today. Thanks Canadian Dream.

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