Welcome Toronto Star and Moneyville Readers

Hi, welcome to Canadian Dream: Free at 45 a blog about early retirement and happiness. I’m Tim, the main writer behind this site.  I hope you enjoy your look around the site and to help you out here are a few things you should know.

1. There are three writers on this site: Tim, Robert and Dave (see the About page).  So don’t assume everything is done by one person, the majority of the posts until the last year have been done by me, Tim, but after that you will have to watch out who you are asking the questions to.

2. The Math Behind Freedom 45. The actual numbers on how I plan to retire early are in a series of posts called “Retirement Calculations” located under the Popular Posts sidebar (here is the link to the first one).  Before you start asking questions I suggest you read that five part series which will likely answer the majority of the obvious questions on how much I plan to save and what I currently spend each year.

3. Questions? Feel free to ask any questions you have on any post, but I would encourage you to leave questions regarding the series for Moneyville either on that site or on this post.   For our regular blog readers here is the link to the first Moneyville article.

Enjoy the site and if you want more please subscribe to the blog.

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