Wander Reading #30

Welcome to my wander reading post which occurs every second week to summarize some of the interesting reading I found on the internet.  I hope you find something useful or at the very least entertaining in these links.

DoNotWait is the new retirement blog in town.  Check it out and you could enter to win an iPad.

Meanwhile a few bloggers have been busy writing books.  Mike Holman from the Money Smarts Blog wrote The RESP Book which I’m looking forward to reviewing in the next month or two.  Jacob Fisker wrote Early Retirement Extreme, the book, which looks good.  Again I’m looking forward to providing a review in the future.

Then in case you are looking for some other reading material check out Larry MacDonald’s list of early retirement books.

Another good post is on why a high dollar doesn’t mean cheaper books.  I knew about the greed of publishers, but this does explain a few other reasons.

The Financial Blogger provides a Future Shop Rant, which I actually get.  Online store is great, but where do they dig up their staff? I rarely can find people to help me out when I visit that store in person.

Walletpop.ca provides a link to a new show that I might actually like watching called Burn My Mortgage.  I keep telling myself to hang on and I could be having a little party in two years when I should pay off my mortgage.

Meanwhile Preet offers an idea of putting your mortgage in your RRSP.

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