The Third Job or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation for me this year vanished in a hurry, but there was a reason for that.  Up until now I’ve been asked not to mention why beyond the fact I did spend a lot of time working on the book project.  Well with a recent launch of a new website,, I can finally fess up.

You see is the new personal finance site recently launched by the Toronto Star and includes some excellent writers including James Daw, Ellen Roseman, Bryan Borzykowski, Krystal Yee (of Give Me Back My Five Bucks fame) and…me.  How did that happen?  Well the story goes a little something like this.

I was contacted in late May by the editor of the new site, Adam Mayers.  He asked me if I would be willing to write a freelance article for the site.  For a blogger, being offered direct pay for article was a great gig (since we are used to producing free content).  The fact the article was for the largest circulation paper in the country had the feeling of a lottery win.  So I wrote the first article and submitted it.   Adam like it (after some heavy editing since paper writing is significantly different than blog writing) and then asked me to provide a few other story ideas which I sent over.

Then things really got interesting when I was asked to write not just one more article, but another four.  So suddenly I spend a lot of my summer writing a five part series on early retirement and the implications of reaching my goal of ‘freedom 45.’  The series should be out later this month.  I’ll keep you all posted on when it goes up on the website.

So that is how I ended up with the third job of freelance writer over the summer.  Ironically I’ve been working towards early retirement to allow me to do more writing including freelance, but I’ve just started doing now rather than later.  The universe apparently has a well developed sense of humour.

So go ahead and check out, beyond the interesting articles and blogs there is a contest to win $10,000. Are you still reading this post? Go try to win some money already!

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