Wander Reading #28

Due to the long weekend Monday I only had a three day work week (recall I only normally work a four day week).  You would think I should be fine, but I was exhausted this morning and slept in by a few extra hours.  So a bit later than normal, but here is your Friday link post.

To start, some shameless self promotion.  I was interviewed for an article over at the Globe and Mail called Turns Out You Can Buy Happiness After All. (Note: Twitter followers would have seen this earlier this week when it came out.)

Turns out Preet is now writing a column with the Globe and Mail.  Read here.

Apparently Squawkfox had enough and wrote ‘The Real Reason You’re Broke‘ which I think every personal finance blogger in the world can mostly agree with.  The post basically says: stop whining and fix it already.

Sydney from Retirement: A Full-Time Job went back to work recently on a consulting gig has found out how working is helping her appreciate her retirement.

The Canadian Capitalist points out how Ontario customers can expect their electricity rates to increase this year and for the next several.  Since I work in this industry I can say most customers in Canada will be facing similar increases in the long term as a lot of the generation infrastructure needs replacement in this country and the pressure to ‘green up’ the industry keeps piling on.

Brip Blap points out How Kids (Can) Make You Poor. Very true.

While Frugal Dad asks Do Your Kids Have Too Many Toys? In a word: yes, I even have a story book called ‘Too Many Toys’

Larry MacDonald asks is it Time For Fixed-Rate Mortgages? A little late for me as I already went fixed.

Then apparently we all need a reality check on how far our nest eggs will take us in retirement.

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