Wander Reading #26

Welcome to another Wander Reading which is a series of links to material I found interesting in the last week or two.

A great post over at Million Dollar Journey on Why the Economy is Not Relevant to Investors.

JD talks about Life After Debt, which involves a fair bit of spending along with all that saving.

Larry McDonald warns people about his Spam Filter Woes.  I deal with this a bit more easily, I never check my spam filtered comments unless someone emails me saying they had an issue.  Life is too short to even look at spam.

Want to eat more cheaply?  Eat what you already have and check out More on Reducing Food Waste.

BMO is calling on the government to spend, while Kevin Page tells them they might not even spend what they previously planned.  The joys of confusion, are you glad your not the government?

In case you saving didn’t turn out as planned here is How to Retire Comfortably on Under $1500/month.

Trent show us How Not to Fail at Frugality.

This post has some surprising stats on the number of people that go back to school, apparently Back to School Isn’t Just for Kids anymore.

The Financial Blogger wonders about the Next Bubble to Collapse; The Canadian Housing Market. My personal opinion on will we collapse? No.  Market correction? Hell YES!  How big? Damn good question and it will heavily depend on where you live.

Retired Syd asked How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Rich? About $1000/year. Why?  Because about half the world lives on less than that.

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  1. Hi, thanks so much for the link. I’ve been receiving a lot of queries on simple living and reducing waste, beyond just saving a few pennies. Hopefully, this kind of thinking will catch on.

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