Wander Reading #25

Since I’ve been on vacation I basically ignored my feed reader account until just the last couple of days.  So here is a list of post I found interesting as I’ve been getting caught up on my reading.

Apparently people still don’t get how RESP account work and take advantage of it, according to this article.

Jonathan Chevreau find out most Canadians aren’t planning for retirement despite the fact they think they should be.

Larry McDonald stirs up the pot with a index controversy and finds a study which says the majority of us will be just fine in retirement with no extra savings (ya right).

Preet is giving away another iPad and some gold.

Zen Habits has a good one on how to simplify when you love your stuff.

The Financial Blogger points out ways to make money online without blogging.

Early Retirement Extreme has an interesting guest post from In the Trenches on extreme situations.

A good post about using LinkedIn to not blow up your career.  Good points that I’ll have to keep in mind as I haven’t joined it yet.

Have a good long weekend everyone – Tim

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  1. Well, the study may have come to a conclusion many would dispute, but I do worry that the transfer of income from young working families to retired seniors might become a bit too much.

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