Flooding in Regina?!?

So last night was a nightmare to get home from work.  It took me an hour and a half when it is normally 20 minutes.  Why?  We had such a heavy rainfall most of the underpasses flooded and could not be passed.  I’ve lived in Regina for most of my life and I can honestly say I don’t recall this EVER happening before.

Heck, even the creek by my house looks close to overflowing, but the good news is my basement is still dry, but my teleposts need to be adjusted since all this extra water is expanding all the clay in the area and causing my basement floor to heave up a bit more than usual.

Yet what got me thinking about all of this mess was the fact how utterly unprepared most people are for an disaster.  What happens when the power goes out and doesn’t come back on?  How would you cook something or what would you eat?  Do you have any drinking water? Could you keep warm?

In my case I’m not completely screwed.  I do have a fireplace to provide some heat in a disaster and I do keep some water set aside along with a camping stove and some fuel. We also have some canned food.  Not huge amounts of anything, but enough to get buy for a couple of days if required.

Of course the personal finance side you would also ask: do you know what your insurance will cover?  Or won’t cover?  In my case I’ve ready to go, mostly, our coverage is up for renewal right away and my premiums are increasing a fair bit to cover the higher value of rebuilding the house if required.  I might complain a bit, but in the end I’ll shut up and pay because it’s cheaper than rebuilding my house by myself.  Also I do get a claims free discount and I’ve increased my deductible to help keep my yearly cost down.

So how would you do if a disaster strikes?  Could you survive the short term?  Do you have insurance?

One thought on “Flooding in Regina?!?”

  1. Our weakness is fresh water. The municipal water supply here in the Oregon City area is sooo reliable that we just don’t factor in a long term loss (whether it’s contamination or loss of pressure). I feel guilty at times that we don’t have more of a plan than filling the bathtub if the water goes out. Eventually I’ll have a 1,000-1,500 gallon rain collection system for the garden, but…

    We’ve coped with a week-long power/phone/transportation outage in the winter before. No big deal, though the last time we were getting short on fire wood. I always ramp up our canned & dried food stock in October so we can cruise through any single week without even a hint of struggle. Pretty certain we can get through 2-3 weeks if we have to under similar conditions.

    Insurance… replaces the house and contents. Bigger question is whether it covers interim living expenses.

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