I Bought an Ipod Touch

Pardon?!? Is that title correct? Are we talking about Tim the guy who pointed out the ipad is useless and no one needs one? Why the hell did you buy an ipod touch?

To be absolutely honest I didn’t really plan on buying one until the other day when a friend who just got one was showing everything that an ipod touch can do.  Then as my desktop has been dying a slow death lately of problems I decided it could be a useful thing to have.  Something portable that I can check email on, surf the web and that isn’t a phone so I don’t have to pay for a data plan since it only has a WiFi connection.  It’s also got spots to write notes to myself, access Google Maps and a calender.

Also you have to be practical here.  An 8G ipod touch costs about $200, you can’t really get a computer for that.  There is also a number of free WiFi connections around today so it is a low cost way to have email/web access on the go.  My house has WiFi from my current cable provider/phone company.  So other than the initial cost I don’t have to spend a cent on data service.

I should point out I’m a bit of Apple skeptic.  I’m aware of all the issues around my purchase like it doesn’t support protected WAV audio files, the web browser doesn’t support Flash and it only runs one program at a time.  I also know you are stuck with iTunes, the iStore and can only use Apple apps.  I also know an ipod touch is not a full blown computer, but it will do the jobs I want it to.

But did you need it at all? No, I would say this firmly falls into ‘I wanted it’ purchase.  I’ve been noticing for a while I’m writing myself  a number of notes to keep track of things.  Unfortunately I don’t always keep track of the notes (some fall out of my pocket while others get lost in the bottom of my backpack).  Hence this is an attempt to pull together some of the chaos that is my life into one spot and organize.  So despite the fact an ipod touch is typically marketed as a entertainment and media consumption device I’m going to be using it a bit differently.

Ok, but isn’t this creating an unnecessary complication in your life?  It’s another item to worry about, take up some of your time and having it electronic won’t make you more organized.  All completely true statements, I know something new will not actually solve any of my issues.  Yet I am hopeful that having a one spot data entry item will streamline things.  It might not work like I hope, but that is ok.  My inner geek is happy now having a new toy.

So for those already existing Apple fans, what should I be using my ipod touch for or what apps do I need?  For non-Apple fans, what should have I bought instead?

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  1. What a coincidence! I’ve been considering buying an iPod Touch too, although I’ve decided to delay the purchase until its next generation is released (September most likely), giving me time to reconsider it.

    I think only my inner geek wants it, similar to your reasoning; it just seems like a cool gadget to have handy.

    Keep us updated on how you use it!

  2. How about something like the Archos 5 Internet Tablet that runs Android? Though more expensive than an 8GB iPod Touch it has some major advantages:

    1) 16GB, 32GB, or 160GB storage at 279, 379, and 399 respectively . . . so it’s fair for what it does.
    2) A usable screen size for actual reading
    3) A good resolution for screen space
    4) Real Multitasking
    5) USB/Add on docks availability for expansions for specific purposes
    6) Flash based models have a microSD slot for expandable storage
    7) No supporting the 1984 style all encompassing controller of all things Apple.

    As you can tell, I don’t really like Apple. Though they make some trendy and pretty products I’m just not on board.

  3. I see another troubled apple fan 🙂 Seriously ipod touch is great, I don’t have one nor want one, but it is great out of the box.

  4. I’ve been debating an iPad lately. In fact if it weren’t for me recently quitting my job, I’d likely have one already. It’s interesting that the iPod touch isn’t a lot different than the old Palm pilots that have now all but dissapeared. I used to have a Sony TH-55 which does everything an Touch can do and even has a camera as well, it came out 5 years before the touch, but like many electronic gadgets, didn’t have the software to support it.

    What I’ve found interesting is that reading on engadget.com lately, there are a ton of new tablets and touch screen devices coming out lately, all windows/android. But none of them really have the software integration that the apple devices have.

    As for features, I’ve found I often buy the gadget with the best feature set, only to discover that realistically I’m not going to use many of them.

    Hope you enjoy the new gadget!

  5. I bought a Touch last year and love it. Completely agree with the comment on free wifi access “on the go” I rarely have trouble checking email when I want to.

    I just downloaded TVersity, which is a media server you put on your PC and then it can stream anything (video, pics, etc.)to your touch – works great for home use (there is an option for internet access that I do not use)

    I also love my free daily sudoku puzzle. So far I have spent exactly “zero” on apps as everything I get is free.

  6. I own an IPod Touch and it is great. i bought one of the refurbished ones from the apple site so I saved a bit. I am a dedicated PC user, and really don’t buy into the Apple cult; but the touch is nice.

  7. Coincidence! I bought one a few weeks ago. I love it! It’s amazing how many wifi hotspots there really are.

    There are some great free apps available as well. This is the only apple product I own, and I highly recommend it.

  8. I don’t have ‘iPod Touch’ but I do have iPhone 3G and love it. On one iPhone, data service is disabled (yes you have to call their Rogers’ customer service and have it disabled) so even by mistake you can’t use data service, but wifi works and can use your existing $20 basic plan (it’s really 35 plan after all the add-ups). In reality my most used Apps are Safari, Maps, Sol Free Solitaire, Wikipanion, Camera, Voice Memoes, Banking Apps (CIBC/TD), WebMD, Google & Mail

  9. I’ve had a 32GB Touch for over a year and I love it… great for playing games while traveling. My wife is particularly smitten with Bejeweled Blitz… sometimes I wish I could surf the net anywhere, not just wi-fi hotspots… an iPad might just be in my future.

  10. I am a bit of a geek too and have had an iPod Touch since early January. I’m a frugal minimalist and am still very satisfied with my purchasing decision. It’s a computer in my pocket with zero boot time and no viruses/malware. I don’t even feel constrained by the size for 95% of what I need to do on the computer.

    OS 4, coming out this summer, will have multitasking programs, so there is another problem solved. Moreover, the new OS will accept Bluetooth keyboards, so extensive typing will be easier. (Note: I’m too simple/frugal to get most peripherals including a BT keyboard, but it’s nice to know they’ll be supported.)

    There is one major drawback of the device, in my mind. It requires iTunes, which requires Windows or OS X. Linux is not supported.

  11. I forgot to mention the apps I use/appreciate the most. Keep in mind, I only paid for an app when the free offerings did not suffice.

    Balance – simple financial records
    Stanza – ebook reader/library
    eBay – check your watch list, selling, etc.
    DropBox – 2GB storage free, sync’d
    WordWeb – dictionary
    Pandora – themed internet radio
    PhoneFlicks – Netflix manager
    (Google) Reader – RSS aggregator

    Awesome Note – amazing to-do list manager, notebook, etc.
    GymGoal – exercise route log, instructions, etc.

    Btw, know that you can put multiple email accounts and multiple calendars (including multiple Google calendars) on your iPod. Also, search for iPod Touch tips on the net. They can really make a difference in your efficiency (e.g., Double-tap the cap key (up arrow) to turn on caps lock, or hold your finger on certain punctuation buttons to have more options pop up.)

  12. I have to respectfully disagree with Scott. An iPod touch should be able to sync using linux with Amarok or Rhythmbox. An iPhone, I’m not sure.

  13. For everyone who is considering an iPod touch you should really start looking on craigslist before paying the full “Apple premium”. Locally I could easily find a 16gb iPod Touch in “new” condition for $100. There are few significant differences between the models, the 2nd is great, even the 1st Gen which we have has everything except a speaker.

    That said our family also owns 2 iPhones and the difference of having always on internet is a HUGE difference over the iPod touch. I *HATE* any monthly fees, but my iPhone is now a critical part of my day/work and I write it off as a business expense for that reason.

    I get immediate alerts & emails from work like a blackberry, I can log into my computer desktop, I use it as a modem on my laptop for internet while away from the home, I share live calendars and todo lists with my wife. I use apps to track billable time, keep notes in sync, check my bank account balance, set reminders, use turn by turn GPS navigation.

    I even share shopping lists with my wife’s iphone so when she goes shopping I can add something to her list, and she can add a chores to my todo list. The apps and games are endless.

    If you have an iPhone or iPod touch do yourself a favor and jailbreak it to really unlock the full potential of the device (like multitasking). Search for “spirit jailbreak tutorial” for instructions, it takes about 15 seconds and causes no harm.

  14. The best app in my opinion for capturing and organzing notes is Evernote. I have it running on my mac, iPhone, and and my laptop for work which runs windows. It’s highly recommended,


  15. WOW, comments! Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ve already downloaded a few of those apps.

    Thanks for the ideas and tips. I appreciate it!


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