What to buy with $50?

By quirk of fate I now have an extra $50 to my name.  The only problem is I don’t have the slightest clue on what to spend it on.  I don’t want to save the money and I’ve decided I want to spend it on something different than I usually do.  So I need your help to answer the question: what would you spend an extra $50 on?

I’m open to just about any idea with the following restrictions (other than those mentioned above):

  • No I won’t give it to you
  • It can’t be something illegal
  • No one should get hurt

Otherwise feel feel to suggest anything and if I really like your idea I might just spend the money the same way.

20 thoughts on “What to buy with $50?”

  1. On martial arts. This will let me go on a seminar in Germany. It’s in violation of the 3rd restriction though… although I’d be the one that gets hurt.

    In your case, I’d save it. If you really don’t know. And when you get another 50 bucks later, save it too if you still don’t know.

    One day, you’ll find something and then you’ll like the fact that you saved it.


  2. If I had a “free” $50 I would probably spend it on a couple months of subsriptions at “simply audiobooks”, which is something I really enjoy.

    Either that, or some kind of experience – I’m looking into (this is just an example) learning to properly do Olympic lifts (without hurting myself) and $50 would cover a couple of sessions with a personal trainer at a Crossfit gym.

  3. I’ve got some coupons to Marble Slab that I’d pair with the $50 and get at least 12 ice cream cones (maybe twice a month for six months). Do you have a Marble Slab nearby? Or maybe you could combine my food suggestion and someone else’s experience suggestion, and take your wife out for dinner.

    You’re lucky it’s only $50. If it were $500, it would be too much to blow (on ice cream!), but too little to do anything you need (like pay down the mortgage).

  4. If you ask such question, so you probably don’t need this $50 – just donate them to any organization (like Kiva or local one).

  5. I’d spend it on an experience. For example this weekend I’m taking my daughter to the Apple Blossom Festival in the Annapolis Valley (NS). $50 would pretty much cover all the costs from gas to lunch and maybe a little treat 🙂

  6. Save it for your trip to Niagara falls and spend it on some fun yet tacky activities for the family on Clifton Hill.

  7. Wow, those are some great ideas everyone! Thanks for your help. You’ve really got me thinking!

    Dave T – You are thinking of Dave’s trip, not mine. We have three writers on the blog now.

    Jamie- Oh, that’s a good idea!


  8. I’d bring my daughter’s daycare a couple of boxes of ice cream bars.

    40 extatic preschoolers. That would be cool.

  9. I’m with the posters who say, if you can’t think of anything, it’s a sign to make a donation. But if you’d like something closer to home–buy a gift for someone else! Take someone out to dinner! Make someone’s day!

  10. Another vote for Kiva. You can choose who to make the microloans to, then tell us about them periodically on the blog.

  11. In the end I decided to take my wife out for supper as a ‘thank you.’ She has really been amazing over the last six months after I got the trustee job and I don’t thank her enough for all the little things she does.


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