New Writer and Wander Reading

Well approximately six weeks ago I stopped writing a Monday post and much to my amazement there was not much of a ripple on the site.  No massive uprising from the readership (no one stormed the virtual gates) or no huge drop in much of any of my site metrics (actually I had a hard time seeing any noticeable difference).  Yet that empty slot did bug me a little bit.  I’m so used to this blog posting five days a week for this long I sort of felt guilty.  So I thought why not have someone else write a Monday post?

Thus a series of emails started between Robert, who had previously did a few guest posts for the blog, and myself.  Robert already has his own blog, but posts about once a week.  Our views are overall fairly compatible and we managed to outline what we expected from each other.  So I’m proud to say starting next Monday this blog has a new writer.

If you are a bit new to the blog and have recently checked out the ‘About’ page, you would have noticed Robert already has a brief summary up.  To save you clicking and scrolling I’ll copy his bio here.

Robert lives in Calgary and works as a financial adviser. He is married, has three kids and plans to retire at age 35.  Robert and his wife then plan to return to school and become teachers, eventually living and working overseas.

So please welcome Robert to the blog!

Now onto some links.  First up the give-a-ways.  If you haven’t already entered, you can still get your name in to win a copy of The Retiring Mind.  The contest closes tonight.  Also of interest to all technology geeks out there is Preet from Where Does All My Money Go is giving away an iPad!

Million Dollar Journey has a very interesting post about some mortgages that are not being renewed?!?

Just in time for summer Squawkfox has a tasty twist on ice cream…mmm…looks good.

Money Smarts (formerly Four Pillars) blog just turned three and need your help!

Larry MacDonald is seeing some cracks in the EU.

Also of interest this week was apparently people just don’t talk to their bosses.