Am I EVER Going to Retire?!?

I think just about anyone who works on an early retirement dream at some point thinks: why am I doing this?  It’s taking forever.  Am I EVER going to retire? I’ve know been down that line of thought enough times that I’ve learned a few things about myself and where that idea comes from.

You see I typically start to get impatient when I’m stressed out at work, busy at home and often close to some kind of interim goal sort of like right now.  Both jobs have been very busy lately and as a result I’ve been often pushing off things at home so that is starting to build up.  Then I’ll be checking the numbers at the end of this month to see if I hit one of my sub cross over points.

In reality I’m not impatient at my long term goal but rather impatient on my sub goal which is just being transferred to my long term goal by association.  I think what is driving my nuts on this sub-goal is I know for sure I’ll hit it by the end of April, but I might hit it by the end of March.  So the waiting is killing me as we are only a week from the end of the month.

Of course I find this vaguely amusing due to irony of me planning a goal that will take over a decade to reach and I get impatient over something that will occur in a week.  I’m almost as bad as my kids at Christmas, but I suppose that we all need our little interim goals to keep going.  No person can really handle a decade or two wait without something to keep us motivated along the way.

So what are you impatient for today?  Did you have a goal that you are close to or perhaps just made?

6 thoughts on “Am I EVER Going to Retire?!?”

  1. I have trouble with long-term goals because of my impatience. I’m not going to change them, but a 5-year goal is very difficult to accept today, especially since it is basically automated money-wise (there’s no way to speed it up).

  2. In my final 6-18 months of working in 2007-2008, I asked myself several times a day (in the 2 days a week I was still working), “Why am I still working here?”

    As the remaining big pieces fell into place, I asked myself this question more and more. When the last piece finally fell into place, I was able to set a resignation (retirement) date so for my final month of working I was able to stop asking myself that nagging question.

  3. what is your goal by the time you are 45?

    i think it can be very frustrating to focus solely on your long term goal. You were in the right direction though, you have said something about sub-goals. Just live your life one day at a time and enjoy the process of getting there. It is not really about getting the fish, but it is the fishing.

  4. @simple life,

    My goal is to financially independent at 45. I may still work, but it will be based on what I’m interested in not what I need to do.


  5. Because of my impatience, I’ve found a couple of ways to move forward my goal. I’m retiring and moving overseas in 5 or 6 years. Like Dave pointed out, between the money and other requirements, there is no way to speed it up any more.

    So when I find myself getting impatient, it seems to help if I refocus on my life right now. I can’t live only for the future, I have to make my life here and now as meaningful as possible. I try to focus on what needs to be done right now (sometimes as mundane as tidying the house), then I give it all I’ve got. The future will take care of itself; we can only really live in the present.

  6. I find it amazing that people feel so frustrated about a goal in the future that will bring real happiness…’at early retirement’…and it’s all about the waiting??? What about living each day and enjoying each day…and maybe adjusting our lives now so that we don’t postpone ‘retirement bliss’, but live it now….

    Like move somewhere like Prince Edward Island, where you can balance lifestyle, and affordable living with everyday life instead of sweating in the commute waiting for the good days to come at some point in the future.

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