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It’s a good day, do you know why?  I’m giving away two copies of QuickTax 2009 Standard, worth $39.99 each.  The folks over a Intuit were good enough to provide two copies.  So doing taxes are not fun, but at least having some free software can help make it easier.  I noticed this year they have added an import option from Ufile, so even if you didn’t use QuickTax before you can take advantage of this contest.  If you are not sure if this is the right software for you check out this list.

The rules are leave a comment on this post to enter the draw.  On Friday March 11 at 8pm CST I’ll will randomly pick two entries to win.  Limit one entry per person.  Open to residents of Canada only (it won’t file US taxes).

Now onto the links:

This article is from a former IMF economist that points out if you removed the name of the US from its numbers most IMF people would have recommend nationalizing the banks rather than bailing them out.  A must read.

Rob Carrick had a fairly good summary of items in the budget that may impact you.  I noticed he didn’t mention the increase in the basic tax deduction, but granted at just over $60 a person I think the government could have kept my money and I would not have noticed.

I loved this post over at Million Dollar Journey, it’s rather “To Thy Own Self Be True.”

Early Retirement Extreme talks about Your Budget is Like a Leaking Ship.

This last one has nothing to do with personal finance, but I laughing a lot at it so I thought you might like to read Throwing the Anthem Under the Bus.

25 thoughts on “Quick Tax Give a Way Wander Reading”

  1. I’ve been using a tax software program that is a competitor to Quick Tax, which is online and is called ….. but wait….maybe I would blow my chance for free software! So, I’ll change tactics. Hmmm. Thinking….thinking. Got it. Ah hem. “My father in law believes in Quick Tax. It has always served him well. For years I’ve wanted the opportunity to see what he has been talking about. I hope to get that chance.” Its obvious I’m not in sales for a living.

  2. Please don’t enter my name in the draw. Ufile was easy to use compared to QuickTax. And StudioTax is apparently free to use. Further to that, I think that Intuit is evil (more than Microsoft).

    Why doesn’t the government buy Ufile and make it available to everyone? Wouldn’t that make their jobs easier and reduce paper waste further?

  3. Well I’m in, as I was about to purchase it anyhow. I suppose I still have to buy my corporation version though 😉

    I’m curious why you think QuickTax is evil Robert?

    I don’t agree with the government purchase of UFile at all! The more privatization the better in my opinion. Competition is a good thing. Who would pay for the programmers, support, administration etc. Just another tax-payer burden. What if we don’t like the software? You’re stuck with no choices and no incentive to change the software.

  4. Financial Student, I agree entirely that more choice is better. But if we’re paying a bunch of government employees in the tax service anyway, why not have nifty software available to all?

    I think Intuit is evil because of my bad experience with Quicken and their draconian anti-piracy measures. They made it difficult to use, even though I didn’t pirate it. Their support is also poor, but that’s not evil.

  5. I’d love to win this. I love Quick Tax but as their prices the last few years have consistently been $20+ higher than another tax software we haven’t been able to buy it and I miss it!!!

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