Winner and Wander Reading

Well congratulations to “n.” comment number 11 on the 3rd birthday contest who now gets a $75 gift card to a store of their choice.  Thanks for all the entries and nice comments.  Now onto some reading material.

CC wonders “What are these home owners thinking?”  Actually that statement should be directed at the government, but go ahead and read the comments.

Mr Cheap points out it’s ok to NOT be saving for your retirement in your 20s and 30s.  20s I can agree with, focus on debt and it still can help out your retirement plan. The 30s is not a good idea is you want to leave the workforce at 45.

Jacob answers a good question: “Do I have to live in an RV to retire extremely early?”

The Wealthy Boomer wonders about ‘Til Money Do Us Part or are you arguing with your spouse over money?   Apparently you are not alone.

As the US housing crisis hits a new level, you have to wonder if this is the start of a double dip?

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