Working for It – Update on the 2nd Job

Ugh, I’m tired.  I finished my first full school board meeting last night.   Of course most of the board is new this year so we ask lots of questions and hence the meeting started at 7pm and went to just after 10 pm.  I wish that was the only reason I’m tired, but my board related duties started at 11:30 am.

The day started at a luncheon I attended that was put on the local Chamber of Commerce who in partnership with the school board and the Martin Foundation (started by no other than Paul Martin one of our ex-prime ministers) were starting a new program focusing on business/entrepreneurship skills for aboriginal students.  So I got to meet two SK cabinet ministers (including the Minister of Education), the mayor, two city councilors and of course Paul Martin.  Not a bad way to start off as this board’s first official public event we had attended.

Lunch was then followed by a tour of the inner city high school where the program will be started and a round table discussion on aboriginal issues around education like high dropout rate, low parent involvement, adapting material and methods to aboriginal culture and a host of others topics.  We also had the elders advisory council there and students to provide some honest discussion on what’s wrong and what’s seems to be working.

What stuck me the most about this round-table was the fact that most of the people who spoke obviously really cared about these issues.  We often think our elected officials are only concerned about getting elected again, but I saw a group of people that honestly are trying to do their best to improve the lives of others.

Then later that night at the board meeting I met most of the senior administration staff for the school division.  So of course, but this time I’ve given up trying to recall every one’s name and face and accept I can’t meet 30 new people in one day and keep them straight.  Then we reviewed the current strategic plan, the budget, the enrollment numbers and of course did some real work on some personnel issues.

So I’m tired, but I’ve learned some very important things:

  1. This job will not be easy.  It will require a lot from me and likely more time than I originally would have guessed for the first six months or so until I’m a bit more up to speed.  I also have a whole new respect for elected officials.
  2. I’m actually enjoying myself more than I would have guessed.  I’ve always liked learning new things so getting tossed into a completely different field has been interesting.  Yes it’s work but I’m happy doing it.
  3. I don’t even care that much about how much I’m being paid.  Frankly I don’t need the money, so this is giving me a little taste of the potential of being financially independent.  I’m doing this because I want to, not for the income.

So that’s my first updated on the job, who knew this would be a good testing ground for the concept of work without care for the pay.  So have you ever had a job that you did just because because you loved it and not the pay?  If so, what was it?