Plan, What Plan?

It’s interesting to me to realize all the things kids have taught me so far in life.  Case in point this morning I had great plans to write up a link post.  I was going to review some of my favorite blogs and some news sites and put together a short post.  Apparently my youngest, now 18 months old, didn’t get the memo.  He’s now awake on my lap and watching daddy type with some interest.

So now a chance of direction, let’s talk about plans.  Plans are like maps useful, but in the end sometimes you have to just ignore them if they are out of date or you just don’t care exactly where you are anymore.  I’ve had some many different plans in life shot to hell it hasn’t even been funny, so that begs the question: if we know plans often don’t work out why do we do them?

You see this is where I like to separate two concepts: first there is a vision of where you are going.  For me with this blog I want to be retired or financially independent by age 45.  Vision is often very long term and some what vague on the details of how.  Then there are plans which are often more shorter in nature and more detailed in nature like a goal for a year.  Plans should change depending on what happens in a year.  That is ok, the situation you started with often doesn’t stay that way.  Plans to me are the short pieces to achieve your vision.  You might find a better piece to get your to your long term vision than your current plan so it’s ok to change plans.

So a key piece of happiness to me has been not worrying so much about plans.  I make them to help get to my vision but I’m not really that attached to any of them.  So when things change or I have to give up a plan as being unworkable I don’t get too upset.  It’s like getting too attached to writing my link post and then having ‘but daddy I’m not tired anymore and I can’t read the clock yet’ boy wake up early.  Life happens so do have a vision where you are going, but do not  panic about a specific plan.  Otherwise you will be very unhappy over something in the end you really can’t control.

So what plan for you lately hasn’t worked out?

4 thoughts on “Plan, What Plan?”

  1. I had a plan in place to try to get my house paid off in 10-12 years when I purchased it. I’m not over 2 years in and still have made no bulk payments to reduce the amortization period. Hopefully I can get things back on track to squeak in under 15 years at least.

    If only life would play along.

  2. I had a plan to flip my income property and get in my investment in 12 months, but it turned out that I had so much over cost… it is a complete mess.

    I had to consolidate my debts, and now only time and new financial habits will help me get out of this.

    Being able to deal with the unexpected is a lifelong learning 😉 I also had 2 unexpected babies 😀 finally, the unexpected isn’t always unpleasant 😉

  3. For us, a “plan” means having something well organized and written down.

    Instead of this, we basically live by these guidelines:

    Live off one salary, bank the other…

    Live frugally, but don’t deprive ourselves too severely… (Mexican holiday next week!!!)

    Maintain DINK status…

    Our only real big challenge is our lack of investment saavy… we have an embarassing amount of funds sitting in cash.

  4. Tracaitim,

    Moving up to 15 years to pay off the mortgage isn’t so bad. Don’t worry, just get started with $20 and work up from there. *grin*

    Mama Zen,

    Very true, some unexpected things do turn out all right.

    Jon Snow,

    Cash is actually somewhat not a bad place to be at. At least your flexible once you make up your mind how you want to invest it. Not to mention you could do worse than just the old standby of a GIC…at least until you get more savvy.


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