The Winner is…

So last night was interesting for many reasons. First off, our civic election day happened yesterday so this morning I’m now officially a school board trustee.  It was a little surreal to go to the polling station and see my name on a ballot with the word ‘acclaimed’ beside it, but also a little exciting.

Also what was exciting was the volume of comments on the posts of the last two days.  You have might have noticed I was staying out of it and not commenting on either post.  That was on purpose I didn’t want to hint to anyone what I was thinking about when reading the posts or the comments.

In the end picking one of the two of them was very difficult.  On one hand I’ll be honest I had no idea that Candidate #1’s post would cause that much of an uproar.  Granted I thought the tone of the post needed work, but I won’t have guessed at the response overall. On a purely publishing viewpoint controversy isn’t a bad thing, so I won’t hold that against him.  He also was honest and put some emotion into his response to the comments while remaining composed while under fire.  Keeping your cool in a debate like that is difficult so I was impressed.

On the other hand Candidate #2 was obviously the better writer overall.  He had a easy to read style and obviously did some good research into the post.  Yet something in his writing was bothering me and when I was talking to my wife I hit on finally what it was.  It was like reading a newspaper paper article, which is fine for reporting the news but this is a personal finance blog.  I want something that reads closer to an editorial.  I want the majority of the post to be the writer’s viewpoint and thoughts not just quotes from what other people think.  Personal finance should be personal and I didn’t have much of that feeling with Candidate #2.

So in the end I didn’t make the decision on logic.  I went with emotion and picked Candidate #1 for the job.  I thought over the long run he would fit in the best overall.  So I’m proud to introduce, Dave as the new second blogger on Canadian Dream: Free at 45.  Dave is a CGA from Ontario who also dreams of retiring by age 45 at the latest.  Dave’s younger than I am so we will see how early he can pull it off.    I’ll be setting Dave up on the blog over the next week and you will start seeing his posts in November.

For those of you who liked Candidate’s #2 writing I’ll give you some good news.  He’s the regular commenter, The Rat, who already has his own blog Ending the Rat Race.  So you can continue to enjoy his writing by subscribing to his feed.

Thanks to everyone who applied to the position .  It was an interesting process to go through and I appreciate the work that everyone did on their sample posts and cover emails.  I also want to thank everyone who commented in the last two days.  Those comments really helped me look at both candidates in more  ways than I would have come up with on my own.

4 thoughts on “The Winner is…”

  1. Just checked out the “Rat Race” blog – it’s so good its now in my list of Favorites on my browser. Candidate #2, you may have lost out in this gig, but you now have at least one new fan of your blog.

  2. Thanks Jon, I really appreciate your comments and the fact that you like the site.

    My blog will also be coming out with a new revamped look in the near future so keep an eye out for a more modern look while maintaining the same type of content. Tim’s a cool cat, and you never know when another gig opportunity may come up again down the road.

    The Rat

  3. Dave: look forward to reading a CGA’s perspective. Am especially interested in how to a find a good accountant/personal tax planner/preparer. And am interested in everything to do with financial retirement.
    ps: totally agree with your comments on not having children.

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