CRA Leaves the Dark Ages

I really do feel some sympathy towards the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) as they are always the last to add some technology because they have to be absolutely sure they won’t have any problems with it (people are a bit touchy about their taxes).  Yet at the same time they FINALLY just added the option to pay your tax bill online called My Payment.

Gee whiz folks, thanks for finally joining us out of the Dark Ages.  I’ve been filing my returns electronically for years now, but they ‘just’ figured out how online banking works.  But before you all get too excited there are some limitations (big surprise).  Currently you have to bank with Scotiabank, BMO, Royal Bank or TD to use the service.

Yet at the same time I’m fairly thrilled with this idea since now my wife can actually pay her tax bill electronically rather than mailing a cheque each year.  Which should speed things up overall when it comes to getting our tax summaries back from the CRA.  I’ve always found it odd they can issue me a tax refund electronically, but they could never accept payment that way.  Oh well, at least they added it.

So will you be using the new My Payment service or do you always get a refund?

8 thoughts on “CRA Leaves the Dark Ages”

  1. I’ve paid my CRA bill online before this My Payment thing came about. I bank with PC Financial and I was able to add the CRA as a bill, which I could then pay as easily as my Telus bill. I simply searched for “CRA – Payment on filing” as the billing company’s name and used my SIN as the account number.

  2. Well I didn’t realize that you could pay CRA via online banking already. Thanks for pointing that out.

    So what the hell is the My Payment service all about then? Is it mainly for businesses or what?

    Now I’m really confused.


  3. That’s interesting indeed. I usually get a small refund, but if that changes one year, I’ll be looking for that bill choice through PC.

  4. It looks like My Payment allows the CRA to “pull” money for you, rather than “pushing” it from your bank (which should help with problems in picking the right payee and manually entering payment amount for normal online bill payment). It also will allow you to pay different “accounts” in one step, whereas before you had to set up separate bill payment payees for CRA-payment on filing, CRA-GST/HST payment, CRA-quarterly installments, etc.

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