Getting Ready for Cold Weather

Well regardless to my wishes otherwise the temperature outside is starting to creep lower.  So with that in mind I thought I would review a few simple ways to get ready for winter (and hopefully save a bit of money).

  1. Invest in weatherstripping and expanding foam insulation. They don’t cost much and they do a great job of stopping leaks in your house which saves your heating bill.  Even if you did it last year keep looking, you are bound to keep finding a few leaks here or there.  I’ve been in my house for three years and I still keep finding spots to seal up.
  2. Toss an extra blanket or two on the bed.  Then turn down the heat a bit move overnight.  It’s amazing how well I sleep when I turn down the heat a bit more and I’m saving money.
  3. Clean out your eavestrough.  It will prevent ice build up during the late fall and early spring and save you a potential mess you would have to clean up later on (not to mention the potential costs of big ice build up).
  4. Put up your LED house lights now.  Save the work of worrying about ice and snow and get it done now.  Also keep an eye out for seasonal promotions for turning in your old lights for LED lights for a discount and then save money with a timer for your lights during Christmas.
  5. Invest in a block heater timer.  Again you can often find sales right now so if you don’t have one and live in a cold spot invest and save on your power bill.
  6. Load up on the harvest.  Potatoes and squash are cheap right now and last a very long time.  So load up and put them into a cool dry place for storage.  I did this last year and had potatoes and squash for most of the winter at a dirt cheap price.

So what are you doing to get ready for the cold weather?

One thought on “Getting Ready for Cold Weather”

  1. Some good tips for sure.

    Regarding the bed, my wife purchased a heating blanket that basically warms up the whole bed with a switch and goes under the bed sheets on top of the mattress. It surely takes up less juice from the heaters but keeps us warm as hell and you can adjust the temperature depending how cold it is. When the spring hits we take it off and store if for the winter. Definitely saves us a few bones here and there.

    I like the LED tip and the harvest idea. We loaded up from a family friend’s apple orchids last month, and apples can also last a long time in a cool place.


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