No Post Today

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but if you follow my Twitter feed you know I’m running for my local public school board so I’ve been a little busy on dealing with my upcoming election.

I’ll post more on this later this week.

2 thoughts on “No Post Today”

  1. Congratulations, Mr. Stobbs, on your acclamation in Public School Subdivision #1. I don’t usually blog, but I have no e-mail for you, and I didn’t want to phone and disrupt your boys’ bedtime. You have an advantage, not having to campaign: you can get a head start on some of the stuff it would be good to know before taking office. The Board’s policies (see the RBE website)make a good place to start, as do Robert’s Rules of Order as applied to boards and committees (less elaborate than the full parliamentary). I can recommend the SK School Boards Association website for info on such things as the implications of the new tax regime. Again, congratulations. Public office takes a sacrificial amount of time and work, and good on yah for putting your name forward.
    Barb Saylor, Trustee

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