The Breathtakingly Stupid

Every once in a while you get an opportunity to do something so different from your comfort zone that you figure if you do it you will be either: a) brave by doing it or b) decide it is breathtakingly stupid idea so you don’t do it.  At the time your really not sure which one it is.

These opportunities are really just a testing zone.  Can you expand your horizons?  Can you deal with the unknown? Can you suck up your fear and do it anyway?  By facing these choices and choosing to make choice a) above you grow as a person and often find yourself happier for trying (and even failing at times) than giving up before you start if you picked b).

If you plan to retire early making choice a) is more important than you realize, because that is exactly the choice you face when you decide to retire.  Really let’s face it, regardless of your planning or simulations you could be making a breathtakingly stupid decision to retire early.  The fact is you really won’t know if you did the right thing until after you did it.

To leave the comfort of how everyone else does it takes dedication and bravery.  By saving enough to even consider this choice you will have shown you are dedicated, but are you brave enough?  You won’t know until you try and you are often better off trying at some smaller decisions before you ever get close to retirement.  Test the waters by living out of your comfort zone and try something that you were planning on waiting until retirement to do.

It will likely be hard work to do.  It will make you doubt your decision to try and you will likely feel like giving up at sometime.  These are all good things as you can learn how you react to big challenges.  Taking the road less travelled is hard at times, but it does make all the difference.

2 thoughts on “The Breathtakingly Stupid”

  1. Excellent point. Courage is a big factor in the early retirement decison process. Something that is not talked about by the main stream advisors. Its always easier to stay in the comfortable rut with the rest of of “the herd”.

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