Today isn’t Forever

I have to admit I’m not feeling this recession. I’m aware that over 450,000 people lost their jobs during the last year and  that lots of people are having hard times, yet I’ve personally had almost no contact with it.

I know it’s partly where I live since Saskatchewan has had the lowest unemployment numbers for the last few reporting periods.  We also haven’t hit negative inflation like most of the country.  Most people’s spending is actually increasing rather than decreasing.  In fact the only negative thing I’ve really hear about businesses is delaying projects instead of out right canceling. So my emotional understanding of this recession has been lacking.

My closest contact to an affect of this recession was meeting a fellow that moved his family to Regina to take a job after all the work dried up in Ontario.  I asked him why he moved and he simply stated “There is no work out there.  I tried and there is nothing.  So it’s better to move before the EI runs out.”

That I understood and felt.  I was somewhat in the reverse situation when I finished university.  There was no work for a new engineer in Saskatchewan at the time.  I took a cooking job to pay the bills until I could find something in my field.  Then like thousands of other graduates over the years I moved to Alberta to take a job.  Then in the last few years the trend reversed itself.  I know of a few people that called it quits in Alberta and moved back to Saskatchewan. I imagine this trend increased in the last few years.

In all cases I have to remember a phrase “Today isn’t forever.”  Regardless of how good or how bad things get you always have to remember that today isn’t forever and that things will change.  That’s the only firm thing about the future: change.

I’m enjoying my life right now, but I know it can all fall apart.  I also know when things do fall apart it isn’t going to last forever.  Things do get better as well in time.  So regardless of how bad your life and finaces get remember it will change.  Hang in there and enjoy the good times when they come.  Sometimes they can be brief.

2 thoughts on “Today isn’t Forever”

  1. I have never been busier nor have I every been as financially healthy as I am now. A promotion to a salaried position a year ago, a marriage to a wonderful person with a great job has worked wonders. If I can maintain this momentum, and maybe receive a raise in salary somewhere down the line, retirement before 50 is a possibility. I would love to do it at 45, but thats probably delusional.

    I feel for those who have suffered in this recession – especially those with children. I don’t plan on having a family, and can only imagine the stress of worrying about providing for your kids.

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