Climate Change Bills Are Good?

This is just in.  Apparently even the heavily flawed self interested bill from the US Congress, Waxman-Markey (aka: HR 2454), if implemented is actually a good thing for the US as a whole.  This shocking conclusion is from a policy paper that found that once you include the social benefits of not flooding your coast line and other things under a conservative set of assumptions that in total the benefits outweigh the costs by a factor of nine to one or more.

Sorry if the scarcasim isn’t obvious in the above statement, but really isn’t this obvious to anyone who things about it for a while?  It’s the classic an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Oh well, perahps in my lifetime I’ll see a government realize that isn’t a ‘right’ way to do any climate bill, but rather just pick one and adjust it as you go.

Have a good weekend everyone.

3 thoughts on “Climate Change Bills Are Good?”

  1. This bill is nothing about climate,it is about taxes and more goverment control. The bill will do nothing to improve climate. ask the 33,000 plus experts who say global warming is the biggest scam in history.

  2. Bill,

    Oh I agree large parts of the bill have nothing to do with climate. Yet for the US the reality is any new taxes actually would be good to help rein in the huge debt load the government has taken on in the last two administrations.

    On the other hand I completely disagree with your statement of global warming being a scam. I do know no one can predict how it will unfold correctly so it’s hard to believe the exact time line for anything.


  3. H.R. 2454 is considered the largest redistribution of wealth. It has been reported via media outlets that both AIG and Goldman Sachs have been involved with this idea since the onset. Both entities, as well as other corporations, stand to acquire great wealth by buying, selling, and trading these permits. Among many, there are two interesting facts worth noting regarding AIG and Goldman Sachs. One, it is interesting that AIG has been able to survive our current recession despite the demise of their competitors. In addition, the majority of the Treasury Secretaries have previous ties to Goldman Sachs. Another company, such as General Electric, is also a beneficiary and advocate of H.R. 2454. A new division (General Electric Greenhouse Emission Services) was formed in order to trade carbon credits, which at present have no value. However, if the bill is successfully passed, these carbon credits will be worth a small fortune. Let your Senators know that you oppose H.R. 2454. Contact them today at

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