I Spent More on Wine than Camping

So sorry for a lack of a post last Friday.  I forgot to write one before leaving on our last camping trip of the summer on Friday morning.  So during this little trip we had a great time.  The boys had a fun time at the beach playing in the sand and the water, we ate ice cream, we did some hiking and then visited Saskatchewan’s only winery and vineyard and bought $200 of wine (12 bottles), which is more than I spent on the rest of the trip combined including gas, camping fees and food.

What the hell happened?  Well in reality the camping trip was little more than a fun way to make an excuse to go buy their wine.  You see I have a soft spot for people who go out on a limb and do something extraordinary and in this case they make excellent wine from a bunch of local materials like sour cherries, Saskatoon berries and even rhubarb.  And yes they do manage to grow grapes in Saskatchewan I saw they on the vine with my very own eyes.

The wine has two essential elements for me: a great story behind them and they are different.  Actually the couple that sell them are so different that they don’t sell the wine anywhere else than their vineyard.  They current manage to sell everything they make so you can only buy it at their winery.  So hence after getting hooked on their wine from friends who stopped in one day this has been our second trip to the winery and my wife and I are talking about making it an annual trip.

So yes I spend a lot of money on wine this last weekend, but I enjoyed doing it and will now have a great story to tell every time I open a bottle.  I was frugal for the rest of the weekend, which is in short of the point of it all.  Spend money on what you love and save it on everything else.  Being frugal isn’t about just saving, it’s also about having money to do what you love.  Cheers.

7 thoughts on “I Spent More on Wine than Camping”

  1. “Being frugal isn’t about just saving, it’s also about having money to do what you love.”

    Love this quote, and I couldn’t agree more!

  2. I never have a problem spending a little more money on something made local if I like it. I consider it a good purchase because it supports the local economy. I now look at all of the labels to see where it was made/grown, more than I ever have, and I usually opt for the ‘Made in Canada”/”Grown in Canada/Ontario”.

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  4. Your blog made me smile. My dad was born in Saskatchewan and to this day, continues to speak about Saskatoon berries.

    Enjoy the wine – you’ve earned it!

  5. Sean – Thanks!
    Dave – I totally agree. Good local products should be supported where possible.
    Alan – Thank you.
    Romona – Oh it’s so true. If you spent any time here growing up you can’t even get over the berries.


  6. Are you going to tell us where this wonderful winery is or are you keeping this a secret to make sure they’ll always have enough wine for you?…

  7. DabCan,

    Well I linked to their site about three times above which contains directions on it. So I think you can figure it out from that.


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