Early Retirement Cover Stories

Now depending on your family and friends you might not want to actually tell anyone you are early retired for the first few years to avoid the obvious issue that people will think you are rich.  So in the nature of some fun, here are my top five cover stories for early retirees.

  1. Man or Woman of Mystery.  When ever anyone asks you about what you do for a living just reply “It’s classified.” It will drive people nuts trying to guess it and you can just fail to mention it’s classified by you.
  2. Starving Artist.  Here you take one of your hobbies and turn it into your day job.  You can even play up the whole bit of not making much money at it, but you are much happier angle.  Good categories for this is actor/actress, painter, writer, graphic design…you get the idea.
  3. Consultant.  Now here you can make up any sub category you like depending on your interests such as image consultant (I don’t dress like a slob even when I don’t have to), management consultant (I manage my to keep my spouse happy) or travel consultant (I travel so cheap it would make your head spin).  Just make sure people you talk to know you are far to busy to take on new clients.  You may need business cards to complete this cover story.
  4. Conservation Professional.  You are very skilled at doing nothing or at the very least spending no where near the same amount as everyone else in the room.
  5. Private Wealth Management.  This is by far my favourite cover story, because it’s true.  You just manage your own wealth and that is why you are retired.  Again be careful to avoid taking on ‘new’ clients.  If you really want to feel exclusive don’t even bother carrying business cards to complete the story.  People will naturally assume they need millions before they could become a ‘client.’

So what’s your favorite cover story?  If you have got another idea please share with a comment.

3 thoughts on “Early Retirement Cover Stories”

  1. I like “different things”. I was mentioned through a friend of a friend. It makes sense and suites me. At one point I was doing so many varied things, each contributing and it got complicated to the point where I didn’t have a straight answer and had to hesitate. I sounded unemployed because I couldn’t answer even though I was doing well. Now I just say “different things”, but sometimes I just say whatever happens to be the most lucrative at the moment. Some good ideas up there though. I like personal wealth management. In a few years, I’ll just use that one.

  2. Chris L,

    Oh that is an interesting way to do it and fun. Thanks for the comment.


    HA! That’s great, it does sort of sound noble.


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